Review Policy

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently not accepting review requests. Any emails for review requests will be immediately deleted. There will be no reply or acknowledgement of these emails.

Review Policy: In addition to reviewing books which I have received direct from the author and/or publisher I also review books from NetGalley and those which I have bought/borrowed myself. All reviews posted on this blog are my own. I receive no payment for any reviews, blog tour posts or any other blog posts I do.

All reviews are honest and fair, I will not be negative or nasty though I reserve the right to be critical if the book warrants it. I read every book I review and will not post reviews for unfinished books as I believe this is unfair to the author.

I am happy for authors and/or publishers to contact me to request a review of their book, whether it is self-published or traditionally published, however I do not guarantee I will accept your request.

I post my reviews here and on Goodreads and Amazon UK. My preferred genres are crime, psychological thriller, chick-lit and women’s fiction. I will also consider other genres including scif-fi, fantasy, but will only read these if the book really appeals to me. I will not read true stories, memoirs, biographies, children’s books, self-help, erotica, horror or anything that has vampires and/or werewolves in it so please do not ask me to as your request will be deleted without reply.

If anyone wishes to contact me please do so by emailing At the moment I am incredibly busy and therefore may take time to reply to any messages.

Abusive and/or spam emails or tweets will not be tolerated and will be reported and blocked immediately.