About me

About:  I live in Scotland with my partner and two cats and read and review books, alongside a full-time job. I’ve always loved reading and remember the joys of reading the Famous Five, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I mainly read crime fiction and psychological thrillers but also have a soft spot for chick-lit and women’s fiction and anything else that catches my interest. However I’ve also been reading a lot more science fiction and fantasy over the past few years and re-discovering my love of those genres.

I’ve studied with the Open University in the past, completing a course on creative writing which I found really interesting and am about to go back to study in October 2022 to embark on something I’ve wanted to do for over 10 years. I’m going to be starting with a general arts and humanities course and am going to see where that takes me but the idea at the moment is History and possible English Literature, hardly surprising given my love of reading!

I’m not the most prolific poster, that’s easily seen if you scroll through my blog but I do post, and when I post I write honest reviews of books I’ve enjoyed. I review on Netgalley and have an enormous pile of books on there which I’m slowly working my way through so expect more of those over the coming months. I won’t be committing to too much reviewing because of the OU course but I will be continuing to read and review what I love and enjoy.