#Review : A Perfect Paris Christmas by Mandy Baggot. @mandybaggot @Aria_Fiction #APerfectParisChristmas

Today I’m reviewing a fabulous read, I don’t want to give away everything before you get to my review, but I adored this book, it’s beautiful. Best read with hot chocolate as reading the book will make you want some.

Many thanks to the publishers for approving my request for a copy of this via NetGalley.

The Book:

United in grief. Pushed apart by tragedy.

Keeley Andrews knows more than anyone that you only live once. So when she receives an invitation to spend two weeks in Paris, all expenses paid, she jumps at the chance.

Ethan Bouchard has had the worst eighteen months of his life. He’s ready to give up on everything, including his hotel chain. So when he meets Keeley, it simply isn’t the right time.

As Keeley and Ethan continue to bump into each other on the romantic Parisian streets, they can’t help but wonder whether this is fate telling them to let go of the past and leap into the future…

The Review: I’m going to get this out up front, I loved this book. It’s perfect for Christmas, or any other time of year, to be honest. It’s a magical story that cast a spell on me and whisked me off to Paris with Keeley and her friend Rach.

Both Keeley and Ethan, for different reasons, have had a really rough time recently and not long after Keeley arrives in Paris they bump into each other in one of the most bizzare scenes I’ve ever read. It’s bizarre but in a good way, it works perfectly. Their initial meeting, and continued meetings, are beautiful, and sometimes sad. While this is a gorgeous read filled with Parisian and Christmas warmth it doesn’t ignore the fact that life is not always filled only with light and happiness, there are dark parts too. The balance between the dark and light is spot on and makes it pertinent and emotive without weighing down the story. There are so many aspects of this book that I loved and it was like magical fairy dust was being sprinkled on the characters every few pages. The market scene was beautifully written and I felt I could reach out and touch the items on the stalls. The Paris map scenes were lovely, special and just right, my only complaint (sort of) is that I don’t have a copy of the map for myself because, when I can, I want to go and visit as many of those locations as possible.

The only thing I can find that is wrong with this book is that it’s not real. I can’t go to Paris and watch the events in it unfold for myself. However, I can do the next best thing and that is to read, and re-read, the book itself. Along with Keeley and Ethan’s stories there are also the stories of other characters that are connected to them. These characters help give the story the right amount of depth and also give more context to the recent events that have affected both Keeley and Ethan, and continue to affect them. The other character in this story that also deserves a mention is the city itself. The city of light is the ideal place for this book to be set, partly because of the location in relation to London, but more because it has its own magical qualities that are reflected in the book and although setting it somewhere else would probably still have worked, it wouldn’t be the same.

As I’ve said, this is the perfect Christmas read. If you want something that will transport you and take you on a magical journey then this is the book for you, just make sure you bring tissues!

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