#Extract #BlogTour : Raven Storm by Emma Miles. @EmmaMilesShadow @rararesources

Today I’m sharing an extract from this intriguing sounding book, sadly one I’ve not had time to read, hence no review. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for having me on this tour.


Fear walks with those in power.

Divided, the land of Chem hangs in the balance. In the west the Ravens seek to bring safety to women, and an end to slavery. In the east the remaining covens cling to their power, refusing to give up their way of life to foreign invaders. Across both lands the priests whisper and plot, their gods a shadowy threat hanging over them all.

To protect their young family, Kesta and Jorrun have made their home in the Raven Tower of Elden. Unable to abandon their responsibility or friends, they remain embroiled in the fight to the north. Whilst peace and friendship blossom between the Fulmers, Borrows and Elden, the arrival of strangers turns the court of Taurmaline upside down. 

The history of the Fire-walkers is about to catch up with them, and the Fire-spirit’s truth will be revealed.

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raven-Storm-Fire-Walker-Book-3-ebook/dp/B08BWK1QJZ

US – https://www.amazon.com/Raven-Storm-Fire-Walker-Book-3-ebook/dp/B08BWK1QJZ


In this extract we join the Ravens Catya and Cassien, as they scout out the Chemmish city of Uldren.

She didn’t make a sound as she moved up the slope to join him, barely stirring the undergrowth. Catya’s blue eyes narrowed as she surveyed the city below them before turning to regard him.

‘What do you have?’

Cassien crawled back a little way, ensuring nothing of his silhouette could be seen against the sky, before sitting up. ‘There are twelve guards on the gate, they question and search everyone who goes in. From older reports that’s a new thing, Uldren used to be pretty open to trade.’

‘They’ve likely been rattled by what happened in Parsiphay.’ Her eyes were still fixed on the city. ‘What else?’

‘They pay more attention to any groups with women in them. It would be easier for me to get in alone.’

She hesitated. ‘Maybe. But that’s not a plan I like.’

She turned and met his eyes, and it sent a little jolt through his body. He clenched his fists briefly against the heat that rose to his cheeks. They’d trained together for four years in the Fulmers under Heara’s expert tutelage and Dia’s watchful eye. Although fierce Catya was almost Cassien’s opposite in nature, or perhaps because of it, they’d become lovers. Cassien had been completely in love, and he’d assumed she felt the same way until the day she packed and left. No warning, no word, she’d taken her weapons and a few clothes and joined the Borrowmen on the Undine. Cassien had returned to Chem, to the Ravens, to the familiar comfort of Navere. Two years later Catya turned up there, having tired of life on the sea and looking for something more challenging, something bloodier, to throw herself into. Hoping to turn her from her destructive path, Jorrun and Kesta had allowed her to join the Ravens, and after a year’s training, they’d sent her with him to support Kussim in Caergard. To all outward appearances, Catya was calm, disciplined; but Cassien knew her better.

‘The only way we’ll learn for sure is to get into the palace.’

Cassien shook his head. ‘There are subtler, easier ways to gather information.’

‘But they take time.’ She moved back from the brow of the hill to sit beside him. Her light-brown hair was plaited in multiple braids in Borrow style.

‘All we need is confirmation Dinari is alive and in Uldren. Osun would have―’

‘You’re not Osun. Cass, let’s just get into the city, speak to our contact, and see where we can go from there.’

He ground his teeth, but didn’t disagree. Once Catya set her mind on something, it was very hard to turn her aside.

About the author:

I often get asked when I knew I was a writer; the answer is always. A writer is what I am, it’s in my soul. There have been times in my life when I couldn’t write, and times when my writing has been the only thing that kept me going. I think I always longed for something deeper from life, something more meaningful, and I found it in my imagination and in the music of words.
It was poetry which first caught my attention, and whilst my younger cousins called for ghost stories it was animals I first wrote of. I think I gravitated toward fantasy because of the freedom it gives, I could create my own worlds and decide my own rules. My Wind’s Children trilogy was born from an image that came to me whilst daydreaming, of a young man sitting alone below a bridge. I didn’t know who he was; it turns out neither did he, but we found out together.

I’m now working on my seventh book and love writing more than ever, it’s an addiction, an obsession, but one I now share with my wonderful writing family. My beta readers, my editor, and you, my readers, having you with me on my journey means the world to me.

I write as much as I can around work, but I also try to squeeze in a ridiculous amount of hobbies! I’m a wildlife photographer and do a little archery. I paint, sculpt with clay, withies and driftwood, preferring to be outdoors if I can. I still have a love for the theatre, having started out in life studying backstage crafts, and a great love for language. I speak a little French, Romanian and Italian, ma non molto bene!

Thanks for reading this. If you read any of my books and love them, please come say hello and tell me, you’d be surprised at how much that means to an author.
Take care of yourself.
Em x

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Twitter: @EmmaMilesShadow

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