#BlogTour #Review : A Dozen Second Chances by Kate Field. @katehaswords @rararesources

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for this book. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for having me on the tour and sending me a copy of the book to review.

A Dozen Second Chances

Blurb: What are the chances that twelve little tokens could change a life?

Seventeen years ago, Eve Roberts had the wonderful life she’d always dreamed of: a degree in archaeology, a gorgeous boyfriend, and exciting plans to travel the world with him, working on digs. But when her sister Faye died, the life Eve knew ended too. Faye’s daughter Caitlyn came to live with Eve, her boyfriend left, and she quickly gave up on her dreams.

Now approaching her fortieth birthday, Eve faces the prospect of an empty nest as Caitlyn is leaving home. Caitlyn gives Eve a set of twelve ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ vouchers, telling her that she has to start living for herself again, and that she should fill one in every time she does something to treat herself.

With her very first voucher, Eve’s life will change its course. But with eleven more vouchers to go, can Eve learn to put herself first and follow the dreams she’s kept secret for so long? Because life is for living – and as she well knows, it’s too short to waste even a moment…

Purchase Linkhttps://amzn.to/2VCh3ce

A Dozen Second Chances Cover

My Review: I’m hoping that what I’m noticing is the beginning of a change in fiction. This is the second book I’ve reviewed recently that has a main character who has gone down one path in life and is now considering what happens next. Eve changed her life to raise her niece when her sister died but now that her niece is 20 and starting to live her own life, Eve is questioning what to do next.

I really liked this story and the way it combined elements of Eve’s past, before she took over raising her niece, with where she is now. Without wishing to spoil the story it was good to see her slowly realise that she can have dreams of her own again. It highlighted the fact that I agree with, you can do almost anything at any age, career changes are always an option and age shouldn’t stop you from pursuing what you enjoy.

It’s a realistic and well constructed story. Eve’s dilemmas and the changes in her life are written in a way that make them entirely understandable even if you’ve not experienced them yourself. It was good to see her go on the journey she does with the range of characters that she meets along the way.

If you’re wanting something that shows that life doesn’t end at 25 and that there is always the opportunity for something new then this is a great book to read. It’s one of those books that’s brilliant for curling up with when you want a change of scene and something to get you thinking about life.

About the author:


Kate Field writes contemporary women’s fiction, mainly set in her favourite county of Lancashire where she lives on the edge of the moors with her husband, daughter and cat. Her debut novel won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award for new writers.

Social Media Links

Twitter: @katehaswords

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateFieldAuthor/

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