#BlogTour #Review : The Rats by Douglas Board @BoardWryter @rararesources

Today is my final spot on the blog blitz for the trip of books by Douglas Board.

Blurb: Ros March, disabled lesbian mum and former Royal Marine, has just moved to Turnberry on Scotland’s west coast. Her cottage overlooks one of the world’s most famous golf courses – Trump Turnberry – as well as the scenic bird sanctuary Ailsa Craig. But idylls deceive. In truth Ailsa was once overrun by rats, who were exterminated at the end of the twentieth century, and Ros’s landlord turns out to be a delusional Islamophobic misogynist who calls himself ‘Potus Two’. When Potus Two announces that both he and Ros will have the chance to meet the President on Turnberry’s hallowed grounds, Ros hatches a plan. Even a slim chance to do something about one of the biggest rats in the world is not something she will pass by.

My Review: This is a short, but perfectly formed, story. I am not a Trump fan at all so I was intrigued by this story given the blurb.

I don’t really know how to review this. It has depth and covers the whole story well in the brief number of pages it has but at no time does it feel rushed or missing anything. The ending is not what I expected but the overall outcome is essentially what I expected.

If you are, like me, not a Trump fan and can’t wait till he is no longer in office then this story is worth a read, it’s different but immensely satisfying.

About the author:

Douglas Board is co-head of Coachmatch Career Management and an honorary senior visiting fellow at Cass Business School, City University London. After growing up in Hong Kong and receiving degrees from Cambridge and Harvard, he has worked for the UK Treasury, as a headhunter, as treasurer of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and also chair of the British Refugee Council. He is the author of two books on leadership and one previous novel, MBA.


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