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It’s now 2019 and although everyone else appears to have already posted their favourite reads of 2018 I’ve decided to be fashionably late and post mine today.  I’ve whittled the 67 books I’ve read this year down to my favourite 12 and linked my reviews to the book titles, where I haven’t (for some unfathomable reason) reviewed the book I’ve linked it to Amazon so you can find out more about it there.

These 12 are books that have stayed with me since I finished them, I’m still raving about them to anyone who will listen, have blown me away with the story and how it resonates with me or a combination of these. They are listed only in the order in which I read them with the earlier reads first.

So without further ado:

A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee.

Historical crime is a favourite genre of mine and this story, particularly with the memorable characters stood out for me.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

Hydra by Matt Wesolowski.

My Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts.

Dragon Road by Joseph Brassey.

Sunshine and Sweetpeas in Nightingale Square by Heidi Swain.

An absolutely amazing read that needs to be on everyone’s list.

This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell.

Do No Harm by Lucy V Hay

The Angels’ Mark by S.W. Perry

Lying and Dying by Graham Brack

Good Samaritans by Will Carver

Attend by West Camel

























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