#Blog Tour #Review: Playing with Death by Simon Scarrow and Lee Francis. @annecater @headlinepg

Blurb: FBI Special Agent Rose Blake has faced evil and survived.

Haunted by a failed undercover mission, Rose is finding it hard to shake the memories of her close encounter with a ruthless serial killer – one who is still free, and could strike again without warning.

The call to investigate a suspected arson attack that’s left a man dead is a welcome distraction. It’s not the kind of case usually assigned to the FBI, but nothing about this crime is usual. As Rose digs deeper, she finds herself confronting the sort of imagination her son might see in the fantasy worlds of his video games. 

But when your opponent is a killer, nothing feels like a game. . .

My Review: I had high hopes for this book. It sounded really good when I read the blurb but while it wasn’t a bad read it never quite reached my expectations. The pace was not what I expected and it didn’t grab me and make me want to keep reading. 

The premise of the story is really interesting and very relevant to the current, constant advances in technology and the amount of technology we use in our daily lives. The characters were realistic and fleshed out enough that I could understand why they reacted the way they did to new discoveries and developments in the story. 

There’s lots of intrigue and storylines are woven together without confusion and connections appear where you might not expect them to. It’s a good read, it really is I just expected more from it and found it wanting in that department. 
About the authors:


A regular on the Sunday Times bestseller list with his historical novels, Simon Scarrow launches an exciting new strand to his writing with PLAYING WITH DEATH, written with Lee Francis: both an edge-of-your-seat thriller and a terrifying exploration of the dangers of the modern world. 

Simon’s Eagles of the Empire novels are legendary amongst readers of historical fiction, and all his novels, have been acclaimed by reviewers and readers alike. Prior to writing fiction Simon worked as a teacher and lecturer; he is now a full-time writer.

Lee Francis worked for several years in the world of film, TV and advertising as a script reader and assistant director. PLAYING WITH DEATH, written with his former lecturer Simon Scarrow, is his first novel.

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