#BlogTour #Extract : Ivy & Abe by Elizabeth Enfield. @lizzeenfield @MichaelJBooks #IvyandAbe

Today I am thrilled to bring you an extract from the fabulous sounding Ivy & Abe which sadly I haven’t had time to read yet. However, some of the other bloggers on the tour have reviewed the book so check them out to see what they thought of it, but first have a sneak peak by reading the extract I have for you.

Blurb:  Ivy is always destined to meet Abe.

But when is the RIGHT time? 

At school, as a free spirit in her twenties or when she is married . . . to someone else?

Perhaps they meet when she is a widow in her sixties? Or maybe he remains a stranger, glimpsed only fleetingly.

Ivy and Abe are soulmates. But what if they meet at the WRONG time, and fate and circumstance stand in Ivy’s way?

Told over Ivy’s lifetime, across a series of alternate realities, Ivy & Abe is a story for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if?’


He’d applied for a job as a model-maker with a good firm of architects.

‘Thank you,’ he said, allowing the smile he’d tried to contain earlier to

spread across his face.‘I’m really pleased.’He popped the cork and filled the plastic cups.

‘To you,’ I said, attempting to chink but foiled by the plastic.

‘It feela as if everything’s falling into place,’Abe said, sipping his drink.

‘No more temping, no more job applications for a while. It’s nice to be able to feel a bit more settled.’

‘It’s wonderful,’ I said.

Since graduating from art school, he’d had a series of temporary jobs, ranging from paint-mixing, van-driving and office admin to wrapping-paper and greeting-card design. At the same time he’d been looking for something more permanent, without being sure what he wanted to do.

When he’d seen this job advertised, it had appealed to him but it wasn’t until he’d applied for it that he decided he really wanted it. He’d liked the people he’d met on the day of his interview, the projects they’d shown him and the opportunities it offered someone like him, with an interest in buildings and an eye for design but no architecture degree.

‘I’m so pleased for you.’

We sat, sipping our champagne and discussing the new job. After a while, Abe asked if I wanted to eat.‘I’ve got a knife,’ he said, delving into his bag again.‘It’s in my pencil box.’He carried with him a small wooden cigar box filled with charcoal pencils and in idle moments he would bring them out and sketch something he saw.He handed it to me. ‘I’ll unwrap the cheese,’he said, picking up a wedge of Brie and watching me strangely as I opened the cigar box .

The knife was not immediately apparent.In fact the box appeared to be entirely empty. But when I shook it something rattled.

‘Open it further,’ he said, and I slid the box away from its lid to reveal a gold ring, set with sapphires and diamonds, five stones in all. I wasn’t sure as I looked at it, frozen with a mixture of emotions, until Abe started gabbling:‘As I said, I feel settled now. Everything seems to be falling into place–being with you, getting the job, and I wondered . . .’


‘If you’d consider marrying me.’

‘Yes.’ I didn’t need to consider it. ‘Yes, I will.’ 


He looked as if he didn’t quite believe me. 

‘Really, absolutely. There’s nothing I’d rather do.’

‘The ring might not fit,’he said, gabbling again.‘It was my grandmother’s and she left it to Auntie Katrina and she gave it me when I was twenty-one for just this purpose. But if you don’t like it . ..’

‘I love it,’I said, slipping it on my ringfinger.‘And it fits perfectly.’

‘Oh, Ivy,’he said, a little tearful, leaning forward to kiss me.


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