#BlogTour #Extract : Ivy & Abe by Elizabeth Enfield. @lizzeenfield @MichaelJBooks #IvyandAbe

Today I am thrilled to bring you an extract from the fabulous sounding Ivy & Abe which sadly I haven’t had time to read yet. However, some of the other bloggers on the tour have reviewed the book so check them out to see what they thought of it, but first have a sneak peak by reading the extract I have for you.

Blurb:  Ivy is always destined to meet Abe.

But when is the RIGHT time? 

At school, as a free spirit in her twenties or when she is married . . . to someone else?

Perhaps they meet when she is a widow in her sixties? Or maybe he remains a stranger, glimpsed only fleetingly.

Ivy and Abe are soulmates. But what if they meet at the WRONG time, and fate and circumstance stand in Ivy’s way?

Told over Ivy’s lifetime, across a series of alternate realities, Ivy & Abe is a story for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if?’


He’d applied for a job as a model-maker with a good firm of architects.

‘Thank you,’ he said, allowing the smile he’d tried to contain earlier to

spread across his face.‘I’m really pleased.’He popped the cork and filled the plastic cups.

‘To you,’ I said, attempting to chink but foiled by the plastic.

‘It feela as if everything’s falling into place,’Abe said, sipping his drink.

‘No more temping, no more job applications for a while. It’s nice to be able to feel a bit more settled.’

‘It’s wonderful,’ I said.

Since graduating from art school, he’d had a series of temporary jobs, ranging from paint-mixing, van-driving and office admin to wrapping-paper and greeting-card design. At the same time he’d been looking for something more permanent, without being sure what he wanted to do.

When he’d seen this job advertised, it had appealed to him but it wasn’t until he’d applied for it that he decided he really wanted it. He’d liked the people he’d met on the day of his interview, the projects they’d shown him and the opportunities it offered someone like him, with an interest in buildings and an eye for design but no architecture degree.

‘I’m so pleased for you.’

We sat, sipping our champagne and discussing the new job. After a while, Abe asked if I wanted to eat.‘I’ve got a knife,’ he said, delving into his bag again.‘It’s in my pencil box.’He carried with him a small wooden cigar box filled with charcoal pencils and in idle moments he would bring them out and sketch something he saw.He handed it to me. ‘I’ll unwrap the cheese,’he said, picking up a wedge of Brie and watching me strangely as I opened the cigar box .

The knife was not immediately apparent.In fact the box appeared to be entirely empty. But when I shook it something rattled.

‘Open it further,’ he said, and I slid the box away from its lid to reveal a gold ring, set with sapphires and diamonds, five stones in all. I wasn’t sure as I looked at it, frozen with a mixture of emotions, until Abe started gabbling:‘As I said, I feel settled now. Everything seems to be falling into place–being with you, getting the job, and I wondered . . .’


‘If you’d consider marrying me.’

‘Yes.’ I didn’t need to consider it. ‘Yes, I will.’ 


He looked as if he didn’t quite believe me. 

‘Really, absolutely. There’s nothing I’d rather do.’

‘The ring might not fit,’he said, gabbling again.‘It was my grandmother’s and she left it to Auntie Katrina and she gave it me when I was twenty-one for just this purpose. But if you don’t like it . ..’

‘I love it,’I said, slipping it on my ringfinger.‘And it fits perfectly.’

‘Oh, Ivy,’he said, a little tearful, leaning forward to kiss me.


Cover Reveal: Entrapped by Claire Ayres @BrizzleLass @NeverlandBT

Today I am thrilled to bring you the cover reveal for Entrapped by Claire Ayres. The cover is intriguing and cleverly designed so scroll down, read about the book and then check out that cover!!


Cellist, Luka, has moved to Bristol to start a new job and recover from the betrayal of finding his best friend and his girlfriend in bed together. He doesn’t plan on the emotional thunderstorm that meeting his next-door neighbour Jess causes.   Jess had everything, a man she loved, friends she adored and then the world crashed around her. Depression came from nowhere and slowly started ripping her life away. Now she lives a lonely, sad life but the music which she keeps hearing next door is waking her up and she doesn’t know why.   Join Luka and Jess as they discover life after heartache, how to forgive and how to live and love again.

*Entrapped is an 18+ Contemporary Romance with several graphic sex scenes* 

Book Links

Amazon (universal link)- https://books2read.com/u/47ZERA

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40242813-entrapped

About the author:

Claire lives in Bristol, UK and has taken her inspiration from the people and the places she has seen over the years. She always has a book close at hand and devours Fantasy and Romance like some devour chocolate! Claire loves a happily ever after followed by lots of bloody sword-fighting and dangerous dragons! But when writing her debut novel Entrapped drew on her childhood ambition to be a musician and one of the instruments she played and still loves as a centre-point.
Claire is also a passionate mental health advocate who lives with bipolar disorder and has done regular radio interviews and even some TV. She is also a huge heavy metal fan and can regularly be found banging her head at a concert or festival.

Author Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/claireayresauthor/

Twitter –https://twitter.com/BrizzleLass

Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/brizzlelass/

Goodreads –https://www.goodreads.com/Claire_Ayres

#BlogTour #Review: Proof Positive by Lucy V Hay. @rararesources @LucyVHayAuthor

Proof Positive

Proof Positive (Intersection Series Book 1)

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Lizzie finds herself pregnant: she’s literally days away from her exam results and university beckons around the corner. The bright Lizzie has big plans, but can she have the life she wanted, with a baby in tow? What will her family and friends say? And what will the baby’s father choose to do: stay out of it, or stand by her?

An exciting “What if…” journey in the style of “Run Lola Run” and “Sliding Doors”.

Purchase Link – http://mybook.to/ProofPositive


My Review: This is an unusual story but one I enjoyed and which got me thinking. We start off with Lizzie finding out she is pregnant and trying to decide what to do next while dealing with the shock of the news itself. What happens next though is what makes this story different. We follow Lizzie through what we think is her choices, but are they? Because as the blurb says, it has elements of Sliding Doors about it and anyone who has seen that film will understand the reference. 

To mention anything more specific would be to reveal spoilers and I don’t do that. What I will say is that this book takes you on an emotional journey.  I spent time being annoyed for and on behalf of Lizzie, cheering for her, questionning what she was doing and many, many other reactions. This book will make you think, question decisions and the impact of them and most importantly, will hopefully help those of a similar age to Lizzie question their decisions about their futures and the possible directions they could go in. Such an excellent, thought provoking and enjoyable read, highly recommended whatever your age or stage in life. 


About the author:

me in front of BISR powerpoint


Author Bio – Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy. Lucy is the producer of two Brit Thrillers, DEVIATION (2012) and ASSASSIN (2015), as well as the script editor and advisor on numerous other features and shorts.  Lucy’s also the author of WRITING AND SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS for Kamera Books’ “Creative Essentials” range, as well as its follow ups on DRAMA SCREENPLAYS and DIVERSE CHARACTERS. Her debut crime novel, THE OTHER TWIN, is now out with Orenda Books and has been featured in The Sun and Sunday Express Newspapers, plus Heatworld and Closer Magazine. Check out all her books, HERE.

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#Extract from The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma by Karen King. @karen_king

It gives me great pleasure today to bring you an extract from The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma by Karen King which is published tomorrow! Many thanks to Karen for being on my blog. This sounds like the perfect summer read and a book that is going straight on my to-read list when I next update it. So, read on and see what you think…..

Untitled design-2

Blurb:  Fun-loving travel rep Jess doesn’t want to be chief bridesmaid at her snooty cousin’s wedding, but it will cause a family feud if she refuses. She doesn’t want to fall in love either but when a raucous stag party arrives at her Majorcan hotel, Jess hits it off instantly with best man, Eddie. A summer romance is exactly what commitment-phobe Jess needs and, as the stag-do draws to a close, so does the holiday fling. She has no intentions of carrying on the summer fun but when Eddie turns up again, Jess is faced with a big dilemma.


Will this bridesmaid get the happy-ever-after she never knew she wanted?

Buy Links:

Paperback: https://amzn.to/2qC32Om

Ebook: https://amzn.to/2qxbI8C


bridesmaids d-1


Extract from The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma

One of the fantastic things about being a holiday rep was the social life. That, and the sun, and all the countries she got to visit. Last season she’d been stationed in Tenerife and the season before that it had been Barcelona. It was hard work, long hours, and sometimes the rooms were pretty basic – a few times she’d had to share with another rep – but she loved the job.

Libby was dancing with Damián, Marta, and a group of holidaymakers. She waved to them and Kurt grinned.

‘Go on, I can see you’re itching to dance. I’ll go to the bar and get the drinks.’

‘Thanks. You’re a star,’ Jess told him, giving him a peck on the cheek then heading off to join Libby and the others. She only had a couple of hours to dance, and she intended to make the most of it.


Eddie recognised her as soon as he walked in. The bright red hair was a dead giveaway, although now it was hanging loose around her shoulders instead of tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a strappy silver mini-dress rather than the yellow T-shirt and faded denim shorts she’d worn this afternoon. Very sexy. There was a carefree air about her, a suggestion that she didn’t conform, wasn’t scared to be different. It intrigued him. Jess, that’s what the hotel manager had called her.

He watched as she kissed a fair-haired guy on the cheek then went over to join a group of people dancing while the guy went up to the bar. Were they an item, he wondered. Someone as gorgeous as Jess was bound to be taken.

‘I’ll get the first round in,’ Ross said. ‘What you all having?’

‘Jack Daniels for me,’ said Greg.

Eddie tore his eyes away from Jess and followed Ross to the bar. When they returned with their drinks, a crowd had gathered around Jess and a woman with long dark hair, and people were cheering and clapping as they both danced in the middle of the floor. Jess tossed her long hair, shook her lithe hips and rocked it like there was no tomorrow. While the other woman was gyrating, twirling, twerking, you name it, her black satin halter-neck jumpsuit clinging to her body like a second skin, emphasising her long legs, slender frame and sun-tanned skin. She was pretty, in a conventional sort of way, but Jess was striking. And had curves to die for.

Greg followed his gaze. ‘Hey, isn’t that the lass who helped us sort out our rooms at the hotel?  Who’s that stunner with her?’

‘Probably another rep. Good dancers, aren’t they?’

‘Cool it, mate, getting off with a couple of chicks is not what this stag weekend is all about,’ Ross told him.

‘You might be chained, but the rest of us aren’t,’ Greg said, walking over to join the group around the two dancers.

‘It’d only be polite to say hello, she did help us out,’ Matt said, following Greg.

Ross shrugged his shoulders. ‘I guess so.’

Greg and Matt joined the circle around the two girls, clapping and stamping their feet along with the rest. Tony and Sam followed them. Ross and Eddie looked at each other, shrugged then walked over, too. When the song had finished, the crowd gave the girls resounding applause.

Eddie saw Jess glance over at him, smile and wave. Then she and her friend both walked over to the bar to get a drink.

‘Let’s go and talk to them,’ Greg said. ‘I’d like to meet the friend.’

Eddie followed him, feeling ridiculously pleased that it wasn’t Jess Greg was interested in.


‘Don’t look now, but there’s a group of guys coming over to us. And they’re pretty fit.’

Jess turned her head slightly and saw that it was Eddie and one of the others from the stag group. She’d hoped he’d come over. All the while she was dancing she felt his eyes on her. He really was something. She wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time with him.

Take it easy, he’s probably got a girlfriend, she reminded herself. In her experience, guys in stag parties were always trying it on, conveniently forgetting their girlfriend/partner back at home.

Still, as a rep at the hotel he was staying at, she had to be friendly.

‘That was some dance.’ The other man – Greg according to his T-shirt – said, his eyes on Libby. Sandy-haired, a roguish twinkle in his blue eyes, just the right amount of stubble on his chiselled-chin, the sort of smooth operator with a ‘bad lad’ air that Libby always went for but had never appealed to Jess. Good job he wasn’t the groom.

Libby, true to form, flashed him a megawatt smile. ‘Thanks.’

‘Hello again,’ He nodded at Jess, but it was obvious his attention was on Libby. ‘Thanks for helping us sort the rooms out.’ Greg was slurring his words slightly. They’d probably been drinking all afternoon and evening, taking advantage of the cheap drinks here.

‘You’re welcome,’ Jess replied. ‘Which hotel did you get sent to?’

‘The one over the road.’

‘Oh, this is the stag party you told me about,’ Libby said. ‘Now which one of you is the stag?’

‘Ross,’ Greg pointed his thumb at Ross. ‘Are you a rep at the hotel, too?’ He pointed to the name on the front of his T-shirt. ‘I’m Greg.’

‘So, I see.’ Libby shook the hand he offered. ‘I’m Libby. And yes, I’m a rep, too. Glad you managed to get your rooms sorted out. Manuel is a stickler for obeying the rules.’

‘Thanks to Jess,’ Eddie joined in. ‘We haven’t been properly introduced, have we? Hello, Jess.’ He leaned forward and kissed her on both cheeks, soft sensual lips fleetingly touching her skin, a heady waft of after-shave, warm breath enticingly close. She felt a bit dizzy.  She must have drunk more than she realised.

‘I am Édouard, Eddie.’

Édouard. She mentally rolled the name around on her tongue. Nice. It seemed a shame to shorten it.

‘Er… hi.’

‘Thank you for your help, Jess.’ Every time he spoke it sent goose bumps down her spine.

‘It was nothing,’ she replied.

Greg was looking at Libby as if he’d never seen anyone as amazing as her before. Libby often had that effect on men.

‘Let me buy you and your friend a drink to say thank you. It would have been a really difficult situation without your help.’

‘Thanks, vodka and coke please,’ Libby replied before Jess could decline. Not that she was about to, not with Eddie looking at her like that.

‘And you?’ Greg looked questioningly at Jess.

She smiled and nodded. ‘A vodka and coke for me too, please.’



About the author: 

KK Head and ShouldersKaren King writes sassy, heart-warming romance and edgy YA with a heart. ‘The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma ‘ is her third romcom for Accent Press. Her second title, ‘The Cornish Hotel by the Sea’ rose to #3 in the Amazon Bestseller Holiday Charts in the UK, #2 in Australia and was in the top hundred overall bestsellers. Her first title, I do?… or do I? has recently been published in France under the title ‘Un Fiancé Inattendu’. In addition, Accent Press have republished her earlier romance novels, ‘The Millionaire Plan’ and ‘Never Say Forever’.

Karen has also written several short stories for women’s magazine and had 120 children’s books published. She started her writing career writing scripts and articles for Jackie and other teen and children’s magazines.

She is member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists,

When she isn’t writing, Karen likes travelling, watching the ‘soaps’ and reading. Give her a good book and a box of chocolates and she thinks she’s in Heaven.

Author links

Website: http://www.karenking.net/

Twitter: @karen_king

Karen King Romance Author Facebook Page

Karen King Young Adult Books Facebook Page

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/karenkingauthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karenkingauthor/?hl=en

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/3187489145








#BlogBlitz #Review : The Killing Time by M J Lee. @WriterMJLee. @canelo_co @ElliePilcher95

Yet again I am on a blog blitz for the Inspector Danilov book series and yet again this was another book in this series that I couldn’t wait to read. Excited as I was though, you’ll have to scroll further down to find out what I thought of this book.  Many thanks to Ellie Pilcher at Canelo for having me on this blitz.

The Killing Time Blog Blitz

Book Blurb: As tensions simmer in Shanghai, children go missing…

Shanghai 1932: Inspector Danilov hasn’t recovered from the death of his child… but across a Shanghai riven with communal tensions, children are going missing.

Missing, and then murdered. Who is responsible? Why have the children’s bodies been exhibited for all to see?

Just as Danilov thinks the stakes couldn’t be higher there is a new dimension, Japan, a rising power flexing its muscles. In fractious Shanghai, an explosion is long overdue. With the clock ticking can Danilov and his assistant Strachan solve the case? The fate of Shanghai may be at stake. So is Danilov’s job… And his sanity.

The latest instalment of the Inspector Danilov mysteries will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of Philip Kerr or Rory Clements.

Links to Book:

Amazon (UK)

Kobo (UK)

Google Books (UK)

Apple Books (UK)


The Killing Time

My Review: I’ve read the first three books in this series and loved them so i was really excited to read this one. So much so in fact that I’d bought the book before I got an email asking if I wanted to be on this blog blitz. Danilov and Strachan very quickly became a favourite detective duo of mine and at the end of each book I was left frustrated because I had to wait for the next installment. Anyone who has ever read a series of books or seen the dreaded ‘to be continued’ at the end of a tv episode will understand how I felt. 

Each of the previous books followed pretty much where the last one left off but this one is different. This one picks up the story two years after the end of book 3 which, although it surprised me initially, actually makes a lot of sense given how book 3 ended. 

I don’t want to give too much away, but as the blurb already states that Danilov is dealing with the loss of his child I can repeat that here. That loss, coupled with the fact that children are going missing, changes the dynamic of the story. While he is still doing much the same as he always did there is now an added layer to it that gives it a slightly different feel. 

As the dynamic of the story has changed it might be possible to read this book even if you haven’t read the others but I wouldn’t recommend it. I think you would miss out on a lot of little quirks and deeper understanding of Danilov and his relationship with Strachan, which is just a joy to read.  

The story itself is slightly distressing in places, missing children being murdered, but as always is handled with the tact and experienced writing that I’ve come to expect from M J Lee.  As always the descriptions and sense of place are vivid and give you the feeling that you are there, with Danilov and Strachan taking in all the sights, smells and noises of Shanghai.

This was another fabulous read and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. That’s right, I’ve got that frustrated, to be continued, feeling again but with these books I know it’s worth it. 


About the author:

author pic

M J Lee has spent most of his adult life writing in one form or another. As a university researcher in history, he wrote pages of notes on reams of obscure topics. As a social worker with Vietnamese refugees, he wrote memoranda. And, as the creative director of an advertising agency, he has written print and press ads, TV commercials, short films and innumerable backs of cornflake packets and hotel websites.

He has spent 25 years of his life working outside the north of England, in London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and Shanghai, winning advertising awards from Cannes, One Show, D&AD, New York and the United Nations.

While working in Shanghai, he loved walking through the old quarters of that amazing city, developing the idea behind a series of crime novels featuring Inspector Pyotr Danilov, set in the 1920s.

When he’s not writing, he splits his time between the UK and Asia, taking pleasure in playing with his daughter, practising downhill ironing, single-handedly solving the problem of the French wine lake, and wishing he were George Clooney.

Twitter: @WriterMJLee



#BlogTour #GuestPost : The Things We Need to Say by Rachel Burton. @NeverlandBT @bookish_yogi

Today I am thrilled to be involved in the blog tour for The Things We Need to Say.  Many thanks to Jenny at Neverland Blog Tours for letting me be involved.  As you probably know I have barely 5 minutes to myself these days so unfortunately haven’t been able to review this fabulous sounding book but I do have a guest post for you, about Costa Dorada and the authors three favourite things to do in the area so read on and enjoy!

things we need to say tour

A true novel of the heart, Rachel’s The Things We Need to Say is at once beautifully written and achingly honest. This is a story that carries you away, taking you on an incredibly poignant journey, and which stays with you long after you finish. Read it! Jenny Ashcroft, author of Beneath a Burning Sky

‘Devastatingly beautiful, inspiring and extremely thought provoking; Rachel Burton has written from the heart as she unintentionally becomes the voice of everything we need to say.’ The Writing Garnet

Blurb:  Sometimes the things we never say are the most important.

Fran loves Will with all her heart. They had a whirlwind romance, a perfect marriage and a wonderful life. Until everything changed. Now Fran needs to find her way again and teaching a yoga retreat in Spain offers her just that. Leaving behind a broken marriage she has some very important decisions to make.

Will needs his wife, he needs her to open up to him if they’re to ever return to the way things once were. But he may have damaged any possibility he had of mending their relationship and now Fran is in Spain and Will is alone.

As both Fran and Will begin to let go of a life that could have been, fate may just find a way of bringing them back together.

From the best-selling author of The Many Colours of Us comes an emotional story perfect for fans of Katie Marsh, Amanda Prowse and Sheila O’Flanagan

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Things-Need-Say-emotional-bestselling-ebook/dp/B076PV3DZ7/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1526812362&sr=1-1&keywords=the+things+we+need+to+say

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37669968-the-things-we-need-to-say?ac=1&from_search=true


6 The Things We Need to Say_Concept

Guest post:  My top three things to do in Costa Dorada this summer

The Spanish region of Catalonia runs down the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada and takes in parts of the Pyrenees as well. It is made up of four regions BarcelonaGironaLleida, and Tarragona.

I decided to set part of my second novel in the area around Tarragona and the Costa Dorada as it is an area I know and love and have spent many happy summers there. The beaches of Salou and Cambrils are amazing and if you visit you will probably stay very near one of these.

If you do visit (and who knows, maybe reading The Things We Need to Say will make you want to!), here are my top three favourite things to do in the area:

  1. A Day in Tarragona

Tarrogona is the main city on this stretch of the coastline. It is a busy bustling place with many shops and, like so many Mediterranean cities, is absolutely brilliant for people watching. There are lots of lovely pavement restaurants, plenty of sangria, gorgeously painted squares, a sandy beach, a casino and a medieval cathedral – what more could you want of a city?!

It was also the capital of Roman Spain and, like Fran in my book, I’m fascinated by the Romans. The Museu Nacional Arqueoligic is well worth a visit to give you and idea of how magnificent this area was in the first century the Museu d’Historia de Tarragona covers the three main Roman sites that you can still visit – the Circus, the Forum and the Amphitheatre.

Booklover Worm Guest Post Photo

2. Cambrils

If you stay in the busier resort of Salou, where Fran and her friends stay, you might enjoy a day in the quieter seaside town of Cambrils. It still has a big fishing community and lots of amazing tapas restaurants. The beach is a lot quieter too! Cambrils is about 6km from Salou and you can get there on a boat or, if you’re feeling brave, you can hire a bike.

And speaking of bikes…

3. Salou Downhill Biking

Jake’s business in The Things We Need to Say is based directly on Salou Downhill Biking, which is one of the best days out you can have in the area. Like Jake, Rob and Co will take you up the mountains in the National Park and you can cycle back down again, passing through old Catalonian villages, vineyards and olive groves. It really is idyllic – it’s much cooler in the mountains and a lot less busy. You can even get to stop for a traditional Catalonian lunch or a wine tasting. Find out more at http://www.downhillbikessalou.com/

Finally, for those of you with perhaps more energy than me and who want a really fun family day out, Porta Ventura theme park is in Salou as well and you can even stay at the park itself.

I hope you love the Costa Dorada as much as I do, even if you only visit it through the pages of my book!



About Rachel Burton

IMG_o7m8wqRachel Burton has been making up stories since she first learned to talk. After many false starts she finally made one up that was worth writing down.
After graduating with a degree in Classics and another in English, she didn’t really know what to do when she grew up. She has worked as a waitress, a paralegal and a yoga teacher.
She has spent most of her life between Cambridge and London but now lives in Leeds with her boyfriend and three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes.
Her debut novel THE MANY COLOURS OF US was an Amazon Kindle bestseller. Her second, THE THINGS WE NEED TO SAY, is out in May 2018. She is currently working on her third book about a woman who followed the love of her life to a city in northern England. It has no autobiographical elements at all…..maybe.

Find her on Twitter & Instagram as @bookish_yogi or search Facebook for Rachel Burton Author. She is always happy to talk books, writing, music, cats and how the weather in Yorkshire is rubbish. She is mostly dreaming of her next holiday…