#Guest post by author Nicole. @nicoleauthor1

Today I am thrilled to have a guest post from Nicole who has one book out now and her second out sometime this year. As usual author info and a bit about the book area below so read on and see what you think.

Guest post 

Thank you Sandra for interviewing me and I am really excited to be here.  I love connecting with bloggers and readers even if my genre is different to theirs.

2017 was a very eventful year for me because I finally published my debut crime novel, A Few Bad Boys.  One of my beta readers couldn’t believe that someone like me, kind and sweet  (their words) could write something like it.

I was under the illusion that completing a novel was the hard part but I was wrong.  Once I finally wrote ‘The End’, there was no time to sit back and relax.  The book had to be re-written, edited, re-edited and then given to beta readers.  This was quite a nerve-racking time because obviously, after all the work put into the novel, I hoped that they liked it. During this period I designed my cover.  Once the beta readers finished reading the novel it was time to make a couple of minor changes.  I was so relieved to find out that they enjoyed it.

I decided to self-publish, mainly because I wanted to get, A Few Bad Boys, out into the world.  Since I am not tech-savvy there were a number of obstacles to overcome.  Luckily a friend of mine helped me format the book for Kindle and another friend helped me get it ready for CreateSpace.  Next came the huge task of marketing which was, and still is, very time consuming.  I have created my own website,  http://www.nicoletheauthor.com, where I also write a fortnightly blog and I have a facebook page.  I am quite proud of myself that I’m finally getting the hang of Twitter and Instagram.  I do have an author page on Goodreads and Amazon and this year I intend to improve them.

I have just completed my next novel, Survival At Any Cost, and I have submitted it to Lulu.  Whatever the outcome of this competion, Survival At Any Cost, will be published this year.

I have a couple of other projects on the go at the moment and I’m in the process of deciding which one to publish towards the end of 2018.

My Goodreads reading challenge this year is to read 50 books of which most of them will be new authors to me and they will be various genres.

About the author:

Nicole was born in London but has lived in Spain since 2000.  She has loved writing since childhood and won various essay competitions.  She has often though about writing a book but ‘normal’ life prevented it until recently.  In 2001 she married but a few days after her 10th wedding anniversary, her husband died in an accident.  Many people thought that she would return to England but she was adamant that she wanted her two children to remain where they had friends.  She is filled with determination and never gives up.  Despite having to overcome many problems she always tries to be positive and has inspired many people.  Apart from reading and writing she loves animals, walking by the sea, music, yoga, meditation and many other things.  She is a powerful voice in the fictional world of crime.

Book Blurb : A Few Bad Boys

Lucy Fratelli is the girl who has everything – beauty, brains, her own apartment, a close family and friends.  Unfortunately she is hiding a secret from her family and her best friend, Julie.  Lucy knows that she can tell her family and Julie anything but she also knows that if they find out her secret, there will be hell to play.

Terry Fratelli, Lucy’s father, is a gangster and lives for his family.  He will do anything to make them happy and protect them at all costs.  When Lucy’s secret is revealed he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.


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