#BlogTour #Extract : Dark Game by Rachel Lynch. @canelo_co @ElliePilcher95

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for Dark Game today. Sadly time constraints meant I was unable to review this book but I have an extract for you instead. So read on and we what you think. Also don’t forget to check out the stops on the tour.

Blurb:   Kelly’s  gut  turned  over  as  she  realised  the danger  she  was  in.  She  heard  no  sirens.  She  knew  that  she  was  simply  collateral.  To these  men  who  made  a  lot  of  money  from  the  suffering  of  others,  they’d  have  no problem  snuffing  her  out. 

After  a  scandal  forces  D.I. Kelly  Porter  out  of  the  Met, she returns to  her  home  turf  in  the Lake  District.  Crimes  in  the  Cumbrian constabulary  tend  to  be  of  the  minor  sort,  but  Kelly begins  work on  a  cold  case  that  shocked  the  local  community  –  the  abduction and  brutal murder  of  ten-year-old  Lottie  Davies.

Meanwhile,  Kelly  is  also  investigating  two  seemingly straightforward  crimes:  a  case  involving an  illegal  immigrant, and a robbery  following  the  death  of  local  businessman  Colin  Day.  But evidence  comes  to  light  that  reveals  a  web  of  criminal  activity beyond  anything  Kelly imagined.  Behind  the  veneer  of  sleepy, touristy  towns  lies  a  dark  and  dangerous  underworld. As  Kelly threatens  to  expose  those  with  much  to  lose,  she  risks  paying  the ultimate  price  to get  to  the  truth… 

Don’t  miss  this  taut  and  gripping  debut  from  a  crime  writer  to watch.  Perfect  for  fans for  Carol  Dwyer,  Patricia  Gibney  and  Angela Marsons. 


Anushka stood on the opposite side of the street from the hotel, smoking a cigarette. She wore dark glasses and had her hood pulled up, concealing her mass of red hair. She saw the two police officers in the doorway and looked away. A crowd had gathered and two men who looked like reporters were asking the cops questions. She had to get away. She didn’t want to go to Darren, but she had little choice. She didn’t trust him but she also knew that if she disappeared, he would come looking. She was puzzled. Darren had said he was cleaning up last night, so she didn’t understand what had attracted the attention of the police. If he had got rid of Mr Day’s body, there would be no reason for anyone to suspect something was amiss. She toyed with the idea that there was an entirely separate explanation for the police being there, but her gut told her otherwise.
She walked quickly back to the Troutbeck. She’d already packed her bag. Panic set in and she took the stairs two at a time. Gabriela was waiting for her.

‘Anushka, are you all right?’

‘I’m fine. I’ve quit.’

‘Did you tell Mrs Joliffe?’

‘No, I didn’t tell Mrs Joliffe, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll tell her you haven’t seen me since breakfast.’

Gabriela stopped breathing. Anushka was a slight girl, but her eyes were mean and Gabriela had no idea what she was capable of. Whatever she was caught up in – whatever her reasons for leaving – was none of her business. She stood aside and watched as her roommate collected the large holdall from her bed.

‘Have you seen Roza?’ Anushka asked aggressively.

‘No,’ Gabriela said. The question came as a shock to her; she’d assumed the two girls were together.

‘Just say one word to Joliffe, and …’ Anushka threatened. She took a step towards Gabriela, seeming to tower over her. 

Gabriela nodded, her heart pounding in her chest.

‘Tell Roza this if she comes back,’ Anushka ordered. Gabriela waited. ‘Darren.’


‘And remember, Miss Perfect. I know you’re illegal too.’

Anushka left the room and Gabriela sat heavily on her bed. She could make no sense out of anything her roommate had said, and nor did she want to. She remembered what had happened at breakfast. Maybe Anushka was pregnant. People threw up when they were pregnant, she thought. Of course, that was it. But if that was the case, why did she jump when she heard the police siren? 

She needed some air, so she left the hotel and headed along the street in the direction the siren had been going. She was officially in between shifts, so she had time. A small crowd had gathered outside the Thwaite Hotel and a body bag was being loaded into a white van outside. Gabriela stared at the van, then turned and hurried back. Mrs Joliffe would want to know what had happened at breakfast, and that one of her waiting staff had disappeared. Gabriela didn’t know who she was more scared of: Mrs Joliffe or Anushka. Last night, despite being offered a new role by her employer, Gabriela still felt fearful when in her presence; the woman reminded her of the armed guard at home. On the other hand, Anushka had threatened her directly. She decided to avoid her boss until she had time to clear her head. Her pace quickened as she reached the Troutbeck. She slipped in the staff entrance to the rear, and skipped up the stairs to her room.

Biography:  Rachel  Lynch  grew  up  in  Cumbria  and  the  lakes  and fells  are  never  far  away  from  her. London  pulled  her  away  to teach History  and  marry  an  Army  Officer,  whom  she  followed around  the globe  for  thirteen  years.  A  change  of  career  after  children  led  to personal  training and  sports  therapy,  but  writing  was  always  the overwhelming  force  driving  the  future.  The human  capacity  for compassion  as  well  as  its  descent  into  the  brutal  and  murky  world  of crime are fundamental to her work. 

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