2018 Plans and Resolutions: Bernadette Maycock and P.A. Davies @BRMaycock @padavies_

Entering into the last few days of this series and I have two quite different posts for you today. One, from Bernadete Maycock, that talks about the pressures that we can put on ourselves and how she plans to tackle them this year.  My second post is from PA. Davies and is quite simply inspirational and encouraging in equal measures.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much I did.

My 2018 resolutions – Bernadette Maycock

When I got to this year I had one simple resolution-get back to being myself. That’s the myself I was before I got confused with whether I was a blogger or an author and had no idea what I should be spending time on. 

There was a time when I had simply designated days and times for everything including time off but then I began to feel ‘The Pressure’- pressure of keeping up with other bloggers and other authors, to read quicker, blog more often, write a higher word count and get more books out. As a result all that happened was that everything went kablooey and stalled and suddenly I found I was having both reading and writing blocks as I sat at night, trying to figure out what I should be working on. As a result for this year I’m keeping it simple, read when I want to so I can properly ingest and adore what I read, blog twice a week and get back to enjoying writing, Goodreads, my lovely social media pals on Carmel Harrington’s Imagine, Write, Inspire, an online writing group of which I am a very proud member, and also the brilliant bookish readers, writers and bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully it works! 

At present I’m on edits of the first book of a chick lit series about a lottery winner in the small town of Abbeyglen, who doesn’t quite know when or how to stop helping people, and after that I will be continuing work on book 2 of the series, where a not so welcome ex-Abbeyglener returns and sets about returning things back to the way they used to be. There will of course be comedy and romance in equal doses! Anyhoo, that’s me, I have to say thanks so much for having me, Sandra, was lovely to be able to drop by and I look forward to hearing what other  people are up to this year! 

About the author:

When Bernadette Maycock (BRMaycock) isn’t dreaming up vibrant leads for romantic comedies, she’s ingesting books for her blog, in particular chick lit (her first love!), romantic comedies and thrillers. 

Bernadette is now working on a three part romantic comedy series about AbbeyGlen Village. She lives in Co. Westmeath, Ireland with her brilliantly out there husband, Keith, and their four amazing little men. 

Connect with Bernadette:

Amazon Author.to/bernimaycock 

BRMaycock’s book Blog 

Twitter (@BRMaycock) 




About the book:

 HEATHER GREEN is a fun loving, happy go lucky, twenty-six year old who has remained upright and beaming despite a few wobbles in life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and pins on her thoughts for good measure.  We meet Heather as she moves out of her family home to share with four guys, much to the dismay of her long suffering (by his own admission!) boyfriend Graham. We follow her housemates and watch their sometimes funny, sometimes-fraught relationships as they go about their daily lives.  Join Heather as she navigates the simple things in life, her inability to remember the code for the house alarm, odd driving habits, general musings on chick flicks, casualties in cooking, as well as her attempts to talk down the “mad farmer with the gun.” Experience comedy and drama as we get to know her family and housemates, and, as an unexpected event finally takes her down, learn what happens when the last people you expected to turn to are actually the ones you need the most.

Before  I impart  my  literary  plans  for 2018, I feel  that  I should share  –  in the  briefest way I can  –  events  that  have  occurred in 2016/2017:  events  that  almost  made  me  lay down my creative pen and leave it there forever! 

Unfortunately, I have  to date  been through 16 months of medical treatment  that  has resulted in me  reaching an all  time  low, fighting not  only the  excruciating pain of  a physical  injury  but  the  onset  of depression too.   Before  –  and part  way into this  period of  my life  – writing seemed  the  only  escape from  my  angst  and starting a  new novel  (or so I thought) would be  the  perfect  remedy with which to mask and forget  about, my troubles. However, the  increase  in my pain  – and  the  subsequent  continuance  of  my  mental  imbalance  – hindered that  one  pleasure so much  so,  that  I decided to call time on writing and  thus  leave  my novel  half completed.  If  truth were  told, I also considered the  option to call  time  on everything else  too.   

Thankfully for me  though, this  latter consideration was  quickly erased by the unprecedented love, patience  and support  of  a  few cherished people, all  of  whom  I am truly grateful to and humbled by their selflessness.  

This  prequel  to my plans  for 2018 is not a means from  which I wish to evoke  sorrow or gain sympathy, it  is  told in earnest  to convey to  all those  people  out  there  who might  be feeling down  –  and at  times, alone  –  that  that  there  is  always somebody  that can  and  will  help you through it.  There  is  always  another way  forward and  believe  it or not,  there  IS  light  at  the  end of  that  metaphorical  dark tunnel.   

Had it  not  been for a  handful  of  certain people  in my life, I probably wouldn’t  have had a  great  deal  to plan for in 2018:  literary speaking or otherwise. But, their encouragement  and help  –  coupled with an uncanny belief  in both  my writing and me –  has  not  only been incredible,  but  the  reason why I eventually found the  strength to finish my novel  Absolution  and get  it  published in  October 2017.

It  is  also the  reason that  I now  find the  strength to  look forward to 2018 and  –  despite still  undergoing  medical  treatment  –  focus  on what  I  would  feel  totally lost  without; storytelling. After all, how else am  I to  use  this  bizarre  imagination that  I have  been blessed with  if not  for writing?  And to  those  who made  this  newfound focus possible, I  thank  you  all. You know  who you are  and you know  how endless  my gratitude really is. 

And so, onto 2018 and what I currently have in my sights. 

Well, despite  an obvious  sequel  to  Absolution  needing to be  written, I have  made  the decision  to put  that  particular  need  on hold for a while  and concentrate  on  a  novel  that I am  currently doing research for.   

Initially  entitled  I  Muslim,  the  novel  will  be  a  controversial and hard-hitting story of misguided prejudice  and racism,  set  against the backdrop of  an actual  and  horrific event  that  occurred in the UK.   For me, it  will  be  pushing certain boundaries, challenging  not  only my writing ability  but  also  my  own morality and beliefs.  I am both nervous  and excited to start  this  novel  and  only  hope  that  I can do the  subject matter a  decent  service  …  we  shall  see. 

In other news, my second novel  –  George: A gentleman  of the  road  –  is  at  the  early stages  of  being  made  into a  film  and is  currently with  an  American scriptwriter.  I’m looking forward to see  how  this project  develops  and hope, like  I do with my next book, that they are able to do George a decent service and capture his true spirit.

So, that’s  what  happening  for me  in 2018  up to now,  but  who knows what  other adventures may come along?  I only hope that they are exciting.

For  updates  on my writing  and other stuff  –  or to find out  more about  any of  my published novels – please visit and/or follow me at the sites below. 

Thank you for reading. 

I hope you all have a safe 2018 … and beyond.

Best wishes. 

Paul Davies. 

Website: www.padavies.co.uk 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/padavies.ukauthor 

Twitter:  @padavies_
About the book:

When the Militia entered the peaceful village of Nyanyar Ngun, South Sudan in 1992 – amidst the backdrop of a bitter civil war – it wasn’t in peace.

Soldiers of the SFL committed untold atrocities in that small farming village, before finally razing it to the ground. From a line of terrified children, boys were chosen to become recruits of the Militia, whilst girls were taken for selling within a market of odious buyers. Those who weren’t selected were either left to perish or murdered where they stood.

In a field of high maize next to the village, sixteen-year old Jada lay hidden and afraid, witnessing the merciless slaughter of his parents and the capture of his sister Kiden; powerless to stop it, too frightened to try.

But now – tortured by grief, consumed with shame and driven by guilt – Jada must embark on a long & arduous journey to rescue his sister from a sinister world and earn his absolution…or die trying!

Read the reviews for Absolution here: Amazon.co.uk

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