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I am beyond thrilled today to be taking part in this blog tour. I have a review for you so read on and find out what I thought……….. 

Blurb:   One  cold  November  night  in  2014,  in  a  small  town  in  the  northwest  of  England,  21-year-old  Arla  Macleod bludgeoned  her  mother,  stepfather  and  younger  sister  to  death  with  a  hammer,  in  an  unprovoked  attack known  as  the  Macleod  Massacre.  Now  incarcerated  at  a  medium-security  mental-health  institution,  Arla  will speak  to  no  one  but  Scott  King,  an  investigative  journalist,  whose  Six  Stories  podcasts  have  become  an internet  sensation. 

King  finds  himself  immersed  in  an  increasingly  complex  case,  interviewing  five  key  witnesses  and  Arla  herself, as  he  questions  whether  Arla’s  responsibility  for  the  massacre  was  as  diminished  as  her  legal  team  made  out. As  he  unpicks  the  stories,  he  finds  himself  thrust  into  a  world  of  deadly  forbidden  ‘games’,  online  trolls,  and the  mysterious  black-eyed  kids,  whose  presence  seems  to  extend  far  beyond  the  delusions  of  a murderess…  Dark,  chilling  and  gripping,  Hydra  is  both  a  classic  murder  mystery  and  an  up-to-the-minute, startling thriller that shines light in places you may never, ever want to see again.

My Rating: 5/5

Review:  I’ve rated this 5/5 but for this book that seems inadequate, maybe 8/5 or more would be better.  I missed the first book, Six Stories,  when it was coming out but was aware of the reviews and comments surrounding it so when I had the chance to be involved in the blog tour for this book I jumped on it. 

The best word I can use to describe this book is Wow! I can honestly say I’ve never read anything like it and I’ve been reading a long time. I’ve read quite a few book that had me hooked and engrossed so that’s not new but what this one did was get me not only hooked and engrossed but totally sucked in. The world disappeared. I didn’t rush through reading each page but at the same time even a seconds hesitation getting to the next page was too long.  I needed to know what happened next, what was going to be said or done. It’s like waiting for the dvd of a film you loved at the cinema or a favourite authors new book. You buy one copy but that’s not enough, you need 2, no 5, no maybe 10 will be enough. Maybe. 

I’m rambling I think but that’s as good a description I can give as to how I felt reading this book. I started off a bit confused, I admit, because I was expecting a slightly more conventional start but on page 2 I realised what was happening and the confusion disappeared.  The murder of  a family by a family member is always an appalling, and in some ways, fascinating crime because there is always the question of why they did it.  In this story we get insight from Arla Macleod, accused of killing her family.  We also get information from other people and the thoughts and comments throughout of Scott King, the creator of the Six Stories podcasts.  

While the story from Arla and the others is fascinating there is also an underlying creepiness to it.  I’m not going to spoil things but let’s just say I was a bit more careful in checking my doors and windows at night while reading, and huddled into my sofa as much as I could to feel safe. I don’t read horror stories and I’m not sure I’d class this as one but it definitely plays with your emotions and simultaneously makes you want to throw it to the farthest corner of the room and keep reading to find out what happens next. Obviously I never threw mine, I don’t want to break my kindle, but there were times when I wanted to hide it or put it away so that I could escape what I was reading and feel safe while at the same time not been able to tear myself away from it. 

This is genuinely an astonishingly brilliant book, definitely one you should read. It works perfectly as a stand alone, not having read Six Stories is not a hindrance. Though having said that I will be reading it once I have sufficiently recovered from reading this.  I think I need a lie down now, maybe I’ll keep the lights on though, just in case……… 

Author bio: 

Matt  Wesolowski  is  from  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  in  the  UK.  He  is  an  English  tutor  for  young people  in  care.  Matt  started  his  writing  career  in  horror,  and  his  short  horror  fiction  has been  published  in  numerous  UK-  and  US-based  anthologies  such  as  Midnight  Movie Creature  Feature,  Selfies  from  the  End  of  the  World,  Cold  Iron  and  many  more.  His  novella, The  Black  Land, a  horror  set  on  the  Northumberland  coast, was  published  in  2013. Matt was  a  winner  of  the  Pitch  Perfect  competition  at  Bloody  Scotland  Crime  Writing  Festival  in 2015.  His  debut  thriller,  Six  Stories, was  an  Amazon  bestseller  in  the  USA,  Canada,  the  UK and  Australia,  and  a  WHSmith  Fresh  Talent  pick,  and  film  rights  were  sold  to  a  major Hollywood studio.

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