2018 Plans and Resolutions – Tara Lyons. @taralyonsauthor

After a break yesterday for the Dark Pines blog tour I am thrilled to be returning to my 2018 Plans and Resolutions series with Tara Lyons, the author of the DI Hamilton series. 

Plans for 2018

Hi Sandra, thanks for having me on the blog today. As I type this, it’s December and I’m sitting in my living room with the flashing lights from the Christmas tree shining over the keyboard. It’s actually a lovely time to think about the New Year and the resolutions that usually come with it. 

But, if I’m honest, I don’t usually make resolutions because I’ve been there and done that in my younger years: stick to a diet, give up smoking, save money every month. Each year I failed and so I stopped putting those kinds of pressures on myself – at the end of the day, I am who I am. And so, for 2018, I’ll be setting myself a goal rather than a resolution.

For me, 2017 was an amazing year because Bloodhound Books republished my debut solo novel and books two and three in the DI Hamilton series. I feel honoured when readers recommend my books and even put them on their list as great books they’ve read this year. I am currently writing book four in the series, due for publication in 2018, and I hope I haven’t made the readers wait too long for the next instalment of Denis Hamilton and his team.

However, something has been ticking away in my mind for the best part of 2017, distracting me and keeping me awake at night. A standalone thriller. I have the main character: her name, profession, family history. I have the outline: murder, revenge and a personal journey. And I have the location: London’s capital city. There hasn’t been a lot of note-taking – I’ve let all these different ideas simmer in my mind. The ones that have pushed through have stayed and other ideas have manifested into something else, or have been totally forgotten about – hence not good enough to make the cut, I’m hoping. But it’s because of this I’ve made my 2018 goal: to write my standalone suspense thriller.

This doesn’t mean the DI Hamilton series is over, but it does mean a break is in order. I will publish book four this year because I think it’s an important story in the series. The three books have all been building up to something – and that something is about to rear its ugly head. What will happen to Hamilton’s murder investigation team? You’ll have to read it to find out. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me and my crime series; it’s because of you all I have the confidence to write my standalone this year. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the series!

About the books:

The DI Hamilton series is available from Amazon and Waterstones: In The Shadows, No Safe Home and Deadly Friendship.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DI-Hamilton-3-Book-Series/dp/B0742KGGZK/

Waterstones (paperbacks): https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/tara+lyons

Author bio:

Tara is influenced by the city she was born and raised in and, therefore, London is the base location for the DI Hamilton series. An assistant editor for an in-house magazine for eight years, Tara took time away from work to raise her son before beginning her life-long dream of writing a book. Now, she juggles the school-run with writing crime thrillers and offering a proofreading service.
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