#Review #BlogTour: Dark Pines by Will Dean. @willrdean @PtBlankBks

Today is my turn on the blog tour for Dark Pines, the debut novel of Will Dean. I have a review of this intriguing and unusual book so read on and find out what I thought. 

Blurb:     Six  hundred  square  kilometres of  Swedish  forest.

An  isolated  Swedish town.  

One deaf reporter terrified of nature.  

Two bodies… 

 It’s  week  one  of  the  elk  hunt  and  the  sound  of  gunfire  is  everywhere.  Two  hunters  are found  murdered  in  the  forest,  with  their  eyes  missing.    When  Tuva  Moodyson,  a  young deaf  reporter  on  a  small-time  local  paper,  investigates  the  story  that  could  make  her career,  she  stumbles  on  a  web  of  secrets.    Are  the  murders  connected  to  the  unsolved Medusa  killings  twenty  years  ago?  Can  Tuva  outwit  the  killer  before  she  becomes  the next  victim?    Tuva  must  face  her  demons  and  venture  deep  into  the  woods  to  stop  the murderer  and write the story.   And  then get the hell out of  Gavrik. 

DARK  PINES  is  a  unique  take  on  Nordic  noir  by  a  young  British  crime  writer  living  in Sweden,  and  the  first  in  an  exciting  new  series,  featuring  an  unforgettable  lead character. 

My Review: 
This is an engrossing read which had me reading for an hour or two at a time without stopping, something that is not a common occurrence for me at the moment.  I’ve not read a book where the main character is deaf so this was a new experience for me but it seemed to me to be handled rather well. The fact that the character is deaf was clearly an ongoing point in the book as the story is told from her point of view but equally it was not laboured or mentioned too often. 

The story revolves around the death of one, and then a second, hunter in the woods during the Elk hunt. The murders are very similar to previous killings twenty years earlier which has the town on edge and accusations being aimed at one resident in particular.  

The story being told from the perspective of a journalist rather than the police puts a different spin on it and allows us to see the investigation and the effects of the murders on the town from the perspective of a resident rather than an authority figure. 

The woods in which the murders take place are described in such a way that they sound like somewhere you really wouldn’t want to linger, never mind live in.  I was happily reading this book on my sofa, nice and cost and warm and the descriptions of the woods had me feeling uncomfortable and like I wanted to leave quickly and I wasn’t even there! 

For a first novel this is incredibly well written and plotted. The pace of the story is perfect, steady but not slow.  I really liked Tuva as well, especially the bits that made her normal like missing her laundry day or visiting McDonald’s because she really wanted their food. Things like this made her very realistic and easy to warm to.  I believe this is the first in a series featuring Tuva and I am very much looking forward to seeing what she does next. 

Author bio:

WILL  DEAN  grew  up  in  the  East  Midlands,  living  in  nine  different  villages before  the age of eighteen.  After  studying  law  at  LSE, and  doing  various  jobs in London,  he  settled  in  rural  Sweden  with  his  wife  in  2012.  He  built  a  wooden house  in  a  boggy  forest  clearing  and  it’s  from  this  base  that  he  writes,  with the aim  of  being  as  self-sufficient  and  low-cost  as  possible.   He  and  his  wife  grow food,  forage  in  summer  and  autumn,  take  water  from  their  own  well  and  use their  own  timber  for  heating  and  cooking.    His  interests  other  than  writing  are painting,  nature,  cooking,  travel,  repairing  old  mechanical  watches,  seakayaking and movies.  DARK PINES is his first novel. 

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