#Review #BlogTour : The Wrong Side of Twenty Five by Kate Armitage @itskatearmitage @HelloChickLit

Release date: 28th December 2017

Blurb: With newsfeeds full of perfect pouts, hot-dog legs and the self-proclaimed hashtag-blessed, it’s hard not to feel inadequate. How has everyone figured out how to live their best life except you?
That’s what Kylie wants to know. She thought she would spend her twenty-fifth birthday having a mini-break not a mini-breakdown. After an evening of finger-food and snide remarks, Kylie decides that things must change. Naturally, Alexa disagrees. She doesn’t think anything needs to change and is quite happy plodding on with her best friend by her side. So, when everything changes for the better for Alexa, while it’s going from bad to worse for Kylie; will it tear them apart? 

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Amazon (universal) Link: books2read.com/u/bpWNwX 

My Review:  I really enjoyed this book. As someone who has a significant birthday approaching (not 25, I’ve done that one already) I am also questioning how everyone seems to have their lives together except me,  so the blurb for this book resonated quite strongly with me and my life at the moment.  
This is a fun read while addressing an important question.  What do you do when you reach 25 and your life is not what you thought it would be? An important question because for so many, they ask themselves this at 25, 30, 35, 40, etc. You see the pattern. Many of us, myself include expect to be at a certain point by a certain age and for lots of us it doesn’t quite work out so it was quite refreshing to come across a book addressing exactly that. 

I know this is a work of fiction and not scientific research but in this story Kylie turns 25 and questions her life at that point. Her best friend Alexa is already 25 and seems to have negotiated it quite smoothly but for Kylie it brings about questions and change.  Change is a normal part of life, it’s how we handle it that makes the difference. Both characters have changes that happen but while Alexa copes with hers, Kylie seems to end up on a downward slope. 

This book shows us what friendship is, how easily things can be misinterpreted and what can happen when you get to the wrong side of twenty five.  As I’ve said it’s a fun read, the main characters are very realistic and believable.  This was a book I was happy to pick up again and again. (I could easily have read it in one sitting but work got in the way!)  I had fun with Alexa and Kylie, watching them make decisions and mistakes, cheering when they made the right decision and shaking my head in despair when they didn’t.  This is one of those books where I’d like to see a sequel but I think it would be really interesting to revisit them when they turn 30, I’d love to know where they will be in 5 years. 

Definitely worth a read, this book comes highly recommended by me. 

About the Author:

Kate Armitage is a writer from England who has three cats, two children and one husband. She lives an alarmingly conventional life which surprises everyone who speaks to her for more than five minutes. She spends her days knee-deep in play-doh and spends her nights elbow deep in manuscripts. Sometimes she lets the children also use the play-doh but only if they promise not to mix the colours.

You can find Kate on social media under @itskatearmitage or through her website http://www.katearmitageauthor.com.

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