#Play #Review : A Christmas Carol at Stirling Castle by Chapterhouse Theatre Company @chapterhouse_co @stirlingcastle

I don’t normally review anything except books but today I make an exception. Last night I went to see a showing of A Christmas Carol by Chapterhouse Theatre Company at Stirling Castle. It was so good I felt I had to review it and spread the word about this fabulous company and their amazing work so read on and see what I thought, along with a few pictures I managed to take during the night. 

Walking through this passageway we could see a little of the building the play would be held in. This is the Great Hall, the restoration of which was finished in 1999.

The hall is a stunning building with a massive vaulted ceiling which I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

I’ve been to some Chapterhouse plays at the castle before but they were always outdoors in the summer so you have to provide your own seating. Last night, however, seating was provided for us. Once we had found suitable seats we took in the hall and the stunning set. 

And now for the play itself.  As I said this is not the first Chapterhouse play I’ve been to so I knew it would be good but this time it was not just good but stunning. I honestly couldn’t fault it at all. The performances from the actors were pitch perfect and, as far as I could tell, word perfect too. Even more impressive when you consider that many of them played more than one part. 

Bob Cratchitt, Fred and Scrooge
Fezziwig, Dick Wilkins, Ghost of Christmas Past and Scrooge
Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present

Some of the scenes were funny which I hadn’t expected. I loved the Ghost of Christmas Present, he was very much the most likeable of them all and very well played. Whereas the Ghost of Christmas Future was almost frightening when it appeared as it wasn’t quite was I was expecting. With it came some creepy, almost scary scenes which had even me feeling a little apprehensive.  

And, of course, the Ghost of Christmas Future with Scrooge

There were some quite moving scenes involving Tiny Tim during which you could have heard a pin drop, the atmosphere was like something I have never experienced before. No one moved, no one made a sound. It was like everyone was holding their breath waiting to see what happened next. 

Chris Gilbey-Smith was amazing as Scrooge but particularly at the end after all of the ghosts had visited.  It was as if he genuinely had changed as a person and wasn’t just acting a part. 

The full cast taking a very well-deserved bow.

I tried to get tickets to see this last year but by the time I did it was sold out. I am so glad I was able to get in this time as it was definitely worth the wait. Sadly the last showing is tonight at Stirling Castle again and it is sold out but Chapterhouse will be touring again in the summer and, hopefully, winter 2018.  For further information check out their website at www.chapterhouse.org and if you have the chance to go to any of their shows, go, they are definitely worth it, especially this one,  it was absolutely spell-binding! 

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