Blog Blitz #Review: The Forgotten Room by Ann Troup. @TroupAnn @NeverlandBT #giveaway

When I got the email asking if I wanted to take part in this weekend I couldn’t say no. I read and reviewed Ann’s previous book, The Silent Girls (which you can find here) and I knew then that I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to read more if her books so here I am now reviewing The Forgotten Room.  Many thanks to Ann and Neverland Blog Tours for sending me a copy of the book in return for a review. 

So read on to find out what I thought and to see the details of the fan giveaway that is also running. Enjoy!

Blurb:  Can the past ever be forgotten?

As soon as nurse Maura Lyle sets foot inside the foreboding Essen Grange, she feels shivers ripple down her spine. And the sense of unease only increases when she meets her new patient, Gordon Henderson.

Drawn into the Henderson family’s tangled web of secrets and betrayals, Maura can ignore  the danger lurking behind every door no longer. Even the door she has been forbidden from opening…

Essen Grange is a house with dark and cruel intentions. But now that darkness has turned on her, can Maura escape before it’s too late?

The chilling new novel from the bestselling author of The Lost Child and The Silent Girls. Perfect for fans of Erin Kelly, Claire Mackintosh and Tracy Buchanan.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Review:  I really enjoyed this book, from page 1 I was hooked and reading at every available opportunity. There’s something about the way the author writes that conjures up the scenes without needing too much description.  It’s hard to explain but she does descriptions better than most authors. The atmosphere that is created through the words she uses is just spot on and also means the story isn’t too wordy or over explained. 

The characters in this story are also intriguing.  Straight from the first page you get hints about them which leaves you wanting to develop the ability to freeze time so you can read the book without interruptions!  This story just appealed so much to my curiosity that I wanted to know everything, what was wrong with the house, what had happened in the past, who is the mysterious person who we hear but don’t see at the start. I had all of these questions and it was those and the stunning writing that kept me reading.

I’m not really one for ready creepy books at Halloween because it’s Halloween so the timing of this, for me, is coincidence. Having said that it is definitely a creepy book. I walked round my home in the dark one night about 3am and was more than a little freaked out by the noises because I’d been reading this before I went to sleep. 

So, whether you want a fabulous read by an amazing author or just a creepy tale that’s incredibly well-written I would definitely recommend this book.  

Author Bio : 

 The Forgotten Room is Ann’s third book, following on from The Lost Child and The Silent Girls. She lives in Devon near the sea and spends her time either writing or dabbling with art. To see what she’s getting up to next follow on Twitter – @TroupAnn, or Facebook at Ann Troup Author.

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