Blog Tour Review: Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson

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It’s what’s inside that counts…

Former model Diana has always been admired for her beauty but what use are good looks when you want to shine for your talent? Insecure and desperate for inspiration, Diana needs a muse.

Facially disfigured four-year-old Cal lives a life largely hidden from the world. But he was born to be looked at and he needs love too. A chance encounter changes everything; Cal becomes Diana’s muse. But as Diana’s reputation develops and Cal grows up, their relationship implodes.

Both struggle to be accepted for what lies within.

Is it possible to find acceptance in a society where what’s on the outside counts for so much?

Spanning twenty years and two great cities, Skin Deep is the powerful new novel from Laura Wilkinson



Review:  I struggled writing this because I didn’t know how to put my thoughts and feelings about this book into words. While there are a few supporting and important characters in this book the two main ones are Diana and Cal who meet quite by accident when Cal is 4 and Diana is an art student in danger of failing. She finds her inspiration in Cal and over the time that follows the relationship between the two develops and changes as Cal grows up and Diana becomes known for her work. 

I think everyone who reads this book is going to feel sorry for Cal. He’s had a poor start in life and things get worse before they get better. Diana coming along appears to be a good thing for him and at first I liked her. I could see that she cared for him but later I wasn’t so sure. As time passes we learn more about both characters but Diana is the one who stands out more for me. What happens with her demonstrates how easy it is for people to get caught up in their lives and beliefs and not be able to step back and see themselves from the perspective of others.  

I loved this book, it was gripping, but more than that. It gets under your skin, it really does, and because of that I kept returning to it. I took it everywhere, it came to work with me and I read it in my breaks because I needed to know what happened next so badly that I couldn’t wait a few more hours till I got home. 

I tend to read crime or ‘chick-lit’ type books and this is neither of these but it is a book that will stay with you for quite some time after reading. It will make you think about your perceptions of people from looks alone and whether what we see is the most important part. 

Whether this is the type of book you would normally read or not I would urge you to try it, it’s definitely worth stepping away from what you’re used to. 







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