Blog Tour Review: Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb


Blurb:  Lori Anderson is as tough as they come, managing to keep her career as a fearless Florida bounty hunter separate from her role as single mother to nine-year-old Dakota, who suffers from leukaemia. But when the hospital bills start to rack up, she has no choice but to take her daughter along on a job that will make her a fast buck. And that’s when things start to go wrong. The fugitive she’s assigned to haul back to court is none other than JT, Lori’s former mentor–the man who taught her everything she knows … the man who also knows the secrets of her murky past.

Not only is JT fighting a child exploitation racket operating out of one of Florida’s biggest theme parks, but he’s also mixed up with the powerful Miami Mob. With two fearsome foes on their tails, just three days to get JT back to Florida, and her daughter to protect, Lori has her work cut out for her. When they’re ambushed at a gas station, the stakes go from high to stratospheric, and things become personal.
Breathtakingly fast-paced, both hard- boiled and heart-breaking, Deep Down Dead is a simply stunning debut from one of the most exciting new voices in crime fiction.


My Rating: 4/5

Review: I don’t know why but I’ve always found bounty hunters interesting and love the Stephanie Plum series but I also like a bit more depth and grit to my reading at times and this book definitely has all of that.  Lori Anderson is a tough bounty hunter but she still has her flaws and that adds some realism to her character.  She takes a job which will pay her enough to cover her daughters medical bills for a while. However, the job is not as straight forward as she expects and things go very wrong, very quickly, within pages she is being chased by the mob, people working for a high profile and well connected person and also manages to end up without transport making for a very sticky situation indeed.  As if that wasn’t bad enough things then get much worse and Lori then has a tough decision to make, she needs to work out how to sort the situation out and still get paid for the job she came to do.  Luckily (perhaps) she has her former mentor JT to help her but his help is affected by his own agenda which doesn’t make things any easier.

As you can tell from my rating I enjoyed this book, it’s quite different from the other crime books that are coming out at the moment which is refreshing because, as good as the other ones are a lot of the same type of books can get a bit boring at times.  While I love a tough female character I wasn’t completely taken by Lori, she was good and well-written but I didn’t understand or agree with some of the decisions she made so that made it a little difficult to fully empathise with her.  The story is full of twist and turns, just when you think it might be ok or you can relax just a little something else happens that has you wondering ‘how they are going to get out of that?’  The story is fast-paced enough to keep you guessing but not so much that you lose track of what is going on, a vital point because there is a lot going on in this book.

I suspect this may appeal to quite a few people; there is obvious chemistry between Lori and JT that is present right from the beginning, there is enough suspense and twists to satisfy those who like that and there is a fair bit of violence in the form of both gun fights and physical ones to satisfy those who like a bit of that in their fiction.  For a debut novel this is definitely an impressive one and while I don’t yet love Lori, in the way I do other characters like Stephanie Plum, I’m hoping she’ll develop and grow on me some more in the next book which I’m rather looking forward to reading even though I have to wait another 12 months………..


Author bio: Steph Broadribb was born in Birmingham and grew up in Buckinghamshire. Most of her working life has been spent between the UK and USA.
As her alter ego–Crime Thriller Girl–she indulges her love of all things crime fiction by blogging at, where she interviews authors and reviews the latest releases.
Steph is an alumni of the MA inCreative Writing (Crime Fiction) at City University London, and
she trained as a bounty hunter in California.  She lives in Buckinghamshire surrounded by horses, cows and chickens.
Deep Down Dead is her debut novel. Watch out for Deep Blue Trouble in 2018.



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