End of year round up – 2016

Highlands of Scotland – 2014

So it’s been a bit of a strange year for me, I’ve had a few new starts like university and now a new job too.  Had you asked me this time next year there’s no way I would have expected this, hoped maybe, but not expected it would actually happen.  I’ve spent a long time working towards a better future for myself and for the first time in years it actually looks like it’s going to pay off, it’ll take a little longer to happen but the best things are always worth the wait.  The only problem with these new and exciting things is that they aren’t leaving a lot of time for other things and blogging sadly is one of them.

This is why, earlier this month, I made the decision to stop accepting review requests till June next year at the earliest and am not going to be taking part in any blog tours unless they are for authors I already know and read, there are one or two I’m hoping for but other than that I won’t be doing them because I simply won’t have the time.  What I am going to do, however, is work my way through the books I already have and review them because that way I can do it at my own pace without the pressure of specific deadlines to deal with.  I do have a few blog tour dates lined up for January and one I snuck in for the beginning of February  but after that my calendar is unusually empty.  However this gives me time to get my tbr pile down and my Netgalley % up which will make a change from how it’s been so far!

I know it’s not the end of the year yet but this is my last blog post of the year, I’m working today and have university essays due January, yep January! and I want to enjoy being off as much as possible so that means minimal social media for a week or so.  I would do a top ten or something as I did last year but I haven’t had a chance to think about that so I might do something in the new year once I’ve had time to take stock and consider the 98 books I’ve read so far this year.

I’ve had a brilliant, not perfect, but brilliant year and easily my best year in 8-10 years which is saying something so if you’ve had a good year like me then I hope it continues into next year and that one is as good if not better.  If you’re one of the many, many people I have seen on twitter and facebook commenting that this year has been terrible for them then I hope next year is better for you even if it doesn’t look that way just now.

Nothing left for me to say now other than I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and New Year however you choose to spend it. I hope it snows, I really want a white Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all here again next year for more book reviews.




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