Review: It Started at Sunset Cottage by Bella Osborne

It Started at Sunset Cottage

Blurb: Kate Marshall is slowly getting her life back on track after losing her fiancé. As an author she has been able to hide herself away from the world and its expectations – but now one of her books has been optioned for a film and Hollywood suddenly comes knocking on her door!

When Kate is given the opportunity to stay at a beautiful country retreat and concentrate on the screenplay, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Encouraged by her best friend, sharp-tongued single mum Sarah, Kate sees it’s finally time to stop letting life pass her by.

Looking for confidence and inspiration in the idyllic Cotswolds countryside, the last thing Kate expects is for Timothy Calder, A-list actor and leading man in the movie adaptation of her book, to turn up on her doorstep, hoping to lie low after his latest tabloid scandal! But after a rocky start, with Tim narrowly avoiding death by watering can, they find they have a few things in common: a liking for Lady Grey tea, walnut whips and bad ‘knock knock’ jokes. Actually, the bad jokes are just Tim.

As an unlikely friendship begins to blossom, and with circumstances repeatedly throwing them together, is Sunset Cottage where both Kate and Tim’s lives will really start?


My Rating: 3/5

Review: Having read a few review/blog tour books in a row I decided to pick my next read from my own shelves and chose this.  I wanted something light and easy to read and I definitely got it with this book.  This is a lovely story of someone who has had a major loss and is starting to live their life again.  I liked the premise of the story and most of the characters but I found there were too many of them and the story jumped from one character to another and from one day/time to the next with no warning at all which made it confusing at times as to what was going on.  There are definitely some funny events in the book, the opening pages being one of them and it a nice, easy read but for me it was lacking a few things.  It was almost as if there were two stories being told, Kate’s and Sarah’s. While the book blurb focuses on Kate the book itself seems to be split equally between her story and Sarah’s.  Sarah has a lovely daughter Amy (one of the best characters in the book) and a not so lovely ex, Shaun.  Despite trying to move on with her life Shaun insists on causing trouble and making things difficult.  Sarah has lots of support from Andy, who is the brother of Kate’s fiance, but whether he is just there for support or whether there is more to it remains to be seen.  This side of the book is well-written and funny and could possibly have been a separate story altogether.

The main reason, for there are a few, for my rating of this book was the relationship between Kate and Tim.  I could understand, to a point, that they were friends but I couldn’t see anything that hinted at anything more, there was no spark, nothing.   I have no idea what Kate or anyone else would see in Tim, he was shallow, self-centered and almost obnoxious at times.  He didn’t grow as a character at all, he said a few things that would suggest he had changed but then he would act like he believed that money solves everything (it doesn’t) which contrasted hugely with this supposed change in him.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of positives in this book.  The story between Sarah, Shaun and Andy was good and overall the book was well written but there were too many characters, too many points of view and it between that and Tim’s character the book just didn’t stick with me after I’d finished it.



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