BLOG TOUR: All For You by Kristina O’Grady

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Blurb: Is it time for a second chance at love?

When Lily left her home town – and the love of her life Wade – 8 years ago to start her acting career she had big plans to make her dream a reality. However, a few dead end jobs and one dead end relationship later she is back to make a fresh start with the only good thing to come out it all – her unborn baby.

Lily soon realises however that the heart wants what the heart wants, and hers clearly still wanted Wade Copeland! Can they overcome the hurt and pain of the past to allow themselves a future?

The third novel in the sizzlingly sexy Copeland Ranch romance trilogy from Kristina O’Grady


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My Rating: 4/5

Review:  I think this may be the first cowboy book I have ever read and definitely the first book by Kristina O’Grady and this was an excellent introduction to both.  Although this is book 3 in a series it doesn’t matter that I haven’t read the first two as this works well as a stand alone novel.

I really enjoyed this book, like the blurb says is is sizzlingly sexy and the sizzling grows as the story progresses.  The two main characters, Lily and Wade, are characters who clearly have a lot of history both together and individually which makes them surprisingly well-developed despite the fact that this is actually a shorter story than I expected.  The main focus of the story is on Lily and her return to her home town and her attempts to build a new life there for her and her unborn child although there are other stories intertwined with hers which only add to the depth of the story itself.  This is a nicely written book that manages to convey depth of feeling from all of the characters without any of it being confusing or overwhelming.  Although there isn’t a lot of location description the portrayal of Bassville definitely has the accuracy of a small town where some people will forgive you and others never will regardless of what you do or how long it’s been.

This is not a long, book but rather a nice, light read which grabs you and makes you want to keep reading.  This is ideal for someone wanting to try something new or for someone wanting an enjoyable read to entertain them for a few hours and leave them with a warm feeling at the end of it.  Although I’ve not read the first two books in this series, I will be adding them to my reading list for a day when I need a bit of a boost.

Many thanks to Neverland Book Tours and Carina UK for letting me having a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Thanks also to Kristina O’Grady for writing such a lovely story.

8119512About Kristina O’Grady: Kristina O’Grady has always loved telling a good story. She took up writing at a young age and spent many hours – when she should have been doing her math homework – scribbling romance stories in a book she hid in her sock drawer.

She grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Canada and loves reminiscing by writing about cowboys and their horses.

In 2000 Kristina met her own knight in shining armour/cowboy who swept her off her feet and across the world to New Zealand, where she now lives on a sheep and beef farm with her amazingly supportive husband, three gorgeous young kids, seven working dogs and one very needy cat.

All for You is her fifth book.




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