BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Hesitation Wounds by Amy Koppelman

Hesitation Wounds

Hesitation Wounds
By author – Amy Koppelman

Blurb:   The new novel by the author of I Smile Back, now a film starring Sarah Silverman.

The acclaimed author of I Smile Back, Amy Koppelman is a novelist of astonishing power, with a sly, dark voice, at once fearless and poetic. In Koppelman’s new novel, Dr. Susanna Seliger is a renowned psychiatrist who specializes in treatment-resistant depression. The most difficult cases come through her door, and Susa is always ready to discuss treatment options, medication, and symptom management but draws the line at engaging with feelings. A strict adherence to protocol keeps her from falling apart.

But her past is made present by one patient, Jim, whose struggles tear open Susa’s hastily stitched up wounds, revealing her latent feeling that she could have helped the people closest to her, especially her adored, cool, talented graffiti-artist brother. Spectacularly original, gorgeously unsettling,HESITATION WOUNDS is a novel that will sink deep and remain—like a persistent scar or a dangerous glow-in-the-dark memory.


My Rating: 4/5

Review:  This is quite different from the books I usually read but I had heard good things about it and the blurb was enticing so I gave it a try and was hooked.  It’s written in a way that is so different from every other novel I come across that i have to admit I found it quite strange to start with and wasn’t sure about it but it’s one of those stories that pulls you in slowly so you don’t realise it’s happening but you suddenly notice you’re 25% into the book and you wonder, how did that happen.  It’s not a long story by any means, I read it in about 2 hours but the style of writing, which is almost poetry at times, means that it feels like you’ve been in another world for years, until you put your head up from the book and realise, it’s still the same day and still daylight outside.

This is not a story that will appeal to everyone but for those who do read it I don’t believe they will be disappointed.  This is a story of loss and how it affects those left behind and how it changes their lives, their views of the world and everyone in it.  Although the main character, Suze, is a psychiatrist the book doesn’t focus on her work outside of her relationship with one patient, Jim.  The main focus is the loss of her brother when he was young, 30 years ago, and how that has shaped her life ever since.  There comes a turning point where something happens that makes her realise she is not happy with what she has, her decisions have lead her to a place where she doesn’t want to be, not completely, and she decides to make changes to her life, to say any more would be giving away too much of the story.  The timescale is not linear and there are lots of memories, pieces of memories, thoughts on what might have been and other things that pop into the story with no warning.  This makes it a little hard to follow until you get used to it but it works and fits with what is happening to Suze, and what happens to everyone everyday.  Our lives may appear linear but memories, thoughts and ideas appear in our heads whenever they choose and this reality is reflected in the way in which the book is written.  This book will make you think and look at the world in a different way, something that I believe would benefit us all.

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About the Author:

Amy Koppelman


Amy Koppelman is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, A Mouthful of Air and I Smile Back. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania, and an MFA in fiction from Columbia University. Koppelman and her screenwriting partner adapted I Smile Back for the screen. The film, starring Sarah Silverman, premiered at the 2015 Sundance, Toronoto and Deauville Film Festivals. Amy lives in New York City with her family. She is an outspoken advocate for women’s mental health.

Amy would love to participate in your book club when reading her newest book – Hesitation Wounds.

For more info –

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Review of Kitty’s Countryside Dream

Reblogging this as today is publication day for Kitty’s Countryside Dream.


Kitty's Countryside Dream: A feel good romantic comedy about life, love and family.     4 stars

Book blurb: New home. New life. New beginning. It’s time for Kitty Lewis to start living again . . .

When Kitty inherits Bluebell Lodge from her grandmother, a farm in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, it’s time for fresh air and a fresh start. Up to her elbows in chickens and ponies, Kitty soon realises there’s an awful lot to learn about farming. Still, at least the locals seem friendly, not least her handsome neighbour Tom…

But just as Kitty is beginning to find her feet, the discovery of a long-hidden diary,at the farm, by a mysterious character called Violet changes everything. Who is Violet and what is her message for Kitty? As Kitty fills in the lost pieces of her family jigsaw and discovers some shocking revelations, will her countryside dream fall to pieces? When it comes to life in the country, nothing is ever quite…

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Review: Coming Up Roses by Rachael Lucas

Coming Up Roses

Blurb: Would-be gardener Daisy can’t believe her luck when her parents announce they’re off on a midlife crisis gap year, leaving her in charge of their gorgeous garden. After a turbulent few months, a spot of quiet in the countryside is just what she needs.

A shoulder to cry on wouldn’t go amiss either – so when Daisy comes across Elaine and Jo, she breathes a sigh of relief. But her new friends are dealing with dramas of their own…

As Daisy wrestles the garden into something resembling order, her feelings for handsome Irishman George begin to take root. Daisy’s heart’s desire − her parent’s garden − is under threat, and Daisy’s forced to confront nosey neighbours and fight greedy developers. Village life is turning out to be far from peaceful.

My Rating: 5/5

Review:  As I was already a fan of Rachael Lucas having read Sealed with a Kiss and Sealed with a Christmas Kiss I was excited to read this and I am thrilled to say I was not disappointed. As always the characters and locations were brilliantly described. The descriptions of the gardens in the book also had a lot of detail in them which was essential to the story and an added bonus for me as I love gardening. I could completely understand Daisy’s need for a break and a change of scene to get her thoughts together and decide what she was going to do next after something happened which completely changed the path she thought she was heading down. I loved all of the characters and it was really nice to see a wide age range, from teenagers to people in their 80s, all had their own well-developed personalities and it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to believe that the village and the people in it are real and not fiction.

I loved this story (in case that wasn’t already obvious!). I have a soft spot for tales of people deciding to do something different, take a chance on a fresh start, because what they thought their lives would be has turned out to be wrong for whatever reason. These stories tend to have women as their main characters and they are always (in the one’s I’ve read) strong women who have been knocked down by something and are slowly getting back up again, usually ending up in position better than the one they left. I’ve done this myself so I know it’s far from easy and while this story is not heavy it does convey some of the difficulties in starting over somewhere new which adds to the realism.

I would highly recommend both this and the authors previous works and am thrilled and excited that there is the added delight of her next book, Wildflower Bay, to look forward to in May. I can’t wait!!

Review: A Summer at Sea by Katie Fforde

A Summer at Sea

Blurb: Emily is happy with her life just as it is.

She has a career as a midwife that she loves . She enjoys living on her own as a single woman. But she’s also feels it’s time for a change and a spot of some sea air.

So when her best friend Rebecca asks whether she’d like to spend the summer cooking on a ‘puffer’ boat just off the Scottish coast, she jumps at the chance.

But she barely has time to get to grips with the galley before she finds herself with a lot on her plate.

Rebecca is heavily pregnant and is thrilled to have her friend on board doing most of the work. Then there’s Emily’s competitive and jealous kitchen assistant who thinks she should be head-cook, not Emily.

And there’s Alasdair, the handsome local doctor who Emily is desperately trying not to notice.

Because if she falls in love with him, as he appears to be falling for her, will she ever want her old life back again?

My Rating: 4/5

Review: As a long-term fan of Katie Fforde I was thrilled to get a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review.  Given I have read all but one of Katie’s books I was fairly sure I would enjoy this one and I wasn’t wrong.  The characters are well-written as usual and make you feel as if you already know them. I could empathise completely with Emily’s dilemma over whether she wanted to change her life or just needed a break from it.  However, I wasn’t keen on the constant nagging of Emily to have children, not everyone wants children and it shouldn’t be an issue if they choose not to have any.  That aside, this was a lovely story, perfectly set in the west of Scotland and showing off the country at its best.  The descriptions of the scenery were brilliant and if I didn’t already live there I would be very tempted to move after reading the book.  I also loved the puffer boat and the way the character of the boat came across.

This is another lovely, cosy read from Katie Fforde which will not disappoint her current fans and will probably gain her some new ones.  Although this book is set in the summer it works brilliantly at any time of year, especially grey winter days when you want a pick me up.

Review: One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot

One Wish in Manhattan

Blurb:  It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to fall in love

The temperature is dropping, snow is on its way and Hayley Walker is heading for New York with one wish on her mind…to start over.

With her nine year-old daughter Angel, Hayley is ready for an adventure. From hot chocolates and horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park, to ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre, and Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue – they soon fall in love with the city that never sleeps.

But there’s more to New York than the bright twinkly lights and breathtaking skyscrapers. Angel has a Christmas wish of her own – to find her real dad.

While Hayley tries to fufil her daughter’s wish, she crosses paths with Billionaire Oliver Drummond. Restless and bored with fast living, there’s something intriguing about him that has Hayley hooked.

Determined to make her daughter’s dream come true, can Hayley dare to think her own dreams might turn into reality – could A New York Christmas turn into a New York Forever?

Travel to the Big Apple this Christmas and join Hayley and Oliver as they both realise that life isn’t just about filling the minutes…it’s about making every moment count.

My Rating:  5/5

Review:  While Christmas may be over there are some types of books that are ideal for wet, windy or snowy winter days, this is one of them.  This was my first book by Mandy Baggot and I was not disappointed. I was engrossed from the beginning even though I disliked Oliver intensely but after being assured by the author and another reader that he was not like this through the entire book I decided to give him a second chance and boy did he repay me! I love stories like this one where they are not heavy but cover serious issues and/or personal change or revelation in one or more main character and this book delivered on all of these. For me fiction has to have an amount of realism in it to be believable and this had it in bucket loads. The characters were brilliantly written and leapt off the page and the locations were clearly amazing. I’ve wanted to visit New York for years and due to the amount of places Hayley and Angel visited I feel like I’ve been on holiday with them. I cannot fault this book, it was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish and I loved every second of it, I enjoyed this book immensely and will definitely be reading more by this author, though next time I will make sure I have a plentiful supply of tissues to hand.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for letting me have a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Where has the time gone???


I can’t believe it’s already the middle of February, only last week it seems like it was just after New Year.  Honestly, where has the time gone???  I was going to start doing monthly news posts of what I had planned that month but have completely missed the 1st February so the information for the rest of the month will be posted below.

Being still quite new to blogging and book reviewing I seem to have got just a tiny bit carried away with NetGalley requests and lovely books from publishers and authors so have had to do a spreadsheet to keep track of what I have and all the other important bits and pieces that I need to know.  Hopefully between this and a temporary self-imposed NetGalley ban I might actually be able to get up to date although that could take some time…….

Also, I’ve just booked for the Cromarty Crime and Thrillers weekend in April so really looking forward to that.

So, my major events over the next few weeks are:

26th February – Review for Hesitation Wounds Blog Tour hosted by @HelloChickLit

2nd March – Review for The Silent Girls Blog Tour hosted by  Neverland Blog Tours

Book Group – March – After Flodden by Rosemary Goring.

Between the blog tours and my spreadsheet I am going to be posting more reviews, including those which I have not quite got round to doing yet so hopefully this blog will finally become something that I am happy with, it needs work but it’s getting there.



Blog Tour – How To Get Hitched In 10 Days by Samantha Tonge

Tour banner HTGHITD for JENNY


Meet Mikey, every girl’s best friend – he bakes the creamiest cheesecake, loves movie nights and is a great dance partner.

For Jasmine, Mikey is the perfect flatmate – he owns a 50s diner that turns out the best food around, gives the best bear hugs and amazing romance advice – after all they’re scoping out the same hot guys! So when her boyfriend proposes in the worst possible way, Jazz knows her best friend will be there to pick up the pieces with gourmet popcorn, Pinot sleepovers and a shoulder to lean on.

But Mikey isn’t about to let Jasmine give up on love, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to mend her broken heart – even if it means helping the one person who sees him as the enemy…

Because at the end of the day, all’s fair in the pursuit of true love… right?



Amazon UK:


My Rating: 3.5/5

Review:  This is a light and easy read that took me about 2 hours and is ideal for a cosy night in with glass of wine or alternatively, something non-alcoholic. I loved the premise of this book and releasing it just before Valentine’s day is perfect timing. The idea of doing lots of different things to win back the person you want to marry is lovely and easily believable, though as with most books, things don’t necessarily go to plan and that’s what gives us most of the story. Given the length of it I can’t really say much else without posting spoilers. The settings, like the diner, were brilliantly described and very realistic. I liked the fact that the story was split between Mikey and Jasmine and gave us both of their perspectives but I did occasionally forget whose chapter it was which was a little annoying. All the main characters were well-written and Mikey and Dave were clearly good people with flaws though I did find myself getting frustrated at them on a few occasions for being stubborn and pig-headed but the biggest problem I had with the story, and the reason I didn’t rate it higher, was Jasmine. For someone who seems to have lots of business experience she is very much lacking in life experience, she makes a lot of assumptions based on things that happened in her past but doesn’t seem to realise that not everyone’s life is like that. I can appreciate her view of things being tainted by her past but she comes across as very immature and needy and I didn’t like her. However, don’t let that put you off, this is also a story about two men overcoming their animosity for each other and learning about themselves in the process. It also shows that just because love hasn’t worked out for you in the past, it doesn’t mean that you will never get another chance at love, which I think is the perfect message for anyone single on Valentine’s day.

About Samatha Tonge:

Samantha lives in Cheshire with her lovely family and a cat that thinks it’s a dog. Along with writing, her days are spent cycling, willing cakes to rise and avoiding housework. A love of fiction developed as a child, when she was known for reading Enid Blyton books in the bath. A desire to write bubbled away in the background whilst she pursued other careers, including a fun stint working at Disneyland Paris. Formally trained as a linguist, Samantha now likes nothing more than holing herself up in the spare room, in front of the keyboard. She has sold over 80 stories to women’s magazines. Her bestselling debut novel, “Doubting Abbey”, from CarinaUK HarperCollins, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award in 2014. Game of Scones won the 2015 Love Stories Awards Best Romantic Ebook category.