New Year, New Books

Happy New Year!

As well as doing more regular blog posts I’ve decided to do posts which look at the month ahead giving dates for any blog tours, reviews or anything else I have planned for that month and I definitely have a lot going on in January.

In addition to any other books I will be reading this month I have a book to read for my book group and books for 3 different blog tours to read so my month at the moment looks like this:

Book groupThe Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home.

17th – Review due for Sunkissed blog tour hosted by Neverland Blog Tours

25th – Review due for The Pestilence blog tour hosted by Neverland Blog Tours

26th – Review due for Killer Pursuit blog tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours

Between these and the other books I have scheduled for reading this month I’m going to be quite busy.  So expect to see a lot of reviews for these and previously read books in addition to the regular posts I plan on doing which start this Wednesday with my first ever WWW post.

I’m off now back to the book I started last night, one I borrowed from the library because as we all know, we can never have too many books!





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