Review of Summer at Shell Cottage

Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond     5 stars

As a fan of Lucy Diamond’s books I was looking forward to reading this one but between studying and new books constantly enticing me to read them it got rather left behind until recently. I decided to take a break from Netgalley and other review books and read something from my very full to read shelf and this is what I chose and I was not disappointed.

Summer at Shell Cottage tells the story of Olivia Tarrant who is dealing with the recent death of her husband and consequently not looking forward to the family’s annual summer holiday to Shell Cottage. Her children and grand-children are also having problems of their own which means quite a few of them are keeping secrets and as we all know, secrets have a habit of being found out. Ultimately the family decide to stick with tradition and have their annual holiday which is the cue for shocks, revealing of secrets (see what I mean!?!!), new friendships and repairing of relationships. Although things are resolved by the end of the book, it is by no means a happily ever after perfect ending which is ideal as life is never perfect and the ending of this and other Lucy Diamond books are more realistic and plausible because of it.

As you can no doubt tell I loved this book. The fact that I read it in November didn’t detract from it at all and possibly helped me enjoy it even more as I was able to escape the dull, wet evenings and imagine I was enjoying gorgeous summer weather in Devon. The characters were all believable and well-written as always and the descriptions of Devon and Shell Cottage were so good I could almost hear the sea.

If you haven’t discovered Lucy’s books before I would definitely recommend trying this one and, if you’re a current fan and haven’t read it yet, it’ll definitely be worth the wait! I’m now off to read some of my other books while I wait, a tad impatiently, on her next book coming out on 28th January (i’m so excited!!).




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