Review of How To Stuff Up Christmas

How to Stuff Up Christmas

4 stars

How to Stuff Up Christmas is the story of Eve who has found out weeks before Christmas that her fiancé is cheating on her. Faced with the prospect of being surrounded by happy people celebrating and the fact that her fiancé proposed the Christmas before, Eve decides to take some time off and get away from it all. This leads to her spending a few weeks on a houseboat in Pangbourne while doing a pottery course. While there she meets Greg, the local vet, who teaches her to cook when he’s not disappearing or acting strange.

This is the first book by Rosie Blake that I’ve read and I have to say I really liked this book. While I didn’t find it as hilarious as the book cover suggested I would, it was still funny and the bits with the goose and Marmite the dog are brilliant. For me this is a Christmas book with a twist as very few, if any, of the ones I’ve previously read centre on a character who is newly single. This is what made it stand out in my opinion, it was definitely Christmassy, the descriptions of Pangbourne were excellent and I loved the characters (except Liam) but I especially loved the fact that Rosie Blake wrote something a bit different from the usual single person meets someone and falls in love at Christmas. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen or that I don’t like those books (I do) but to start from the point where someone’s relationship has ended and they decide to shun the usual Christmas festivities was, to me, quite brave and most refreshing.

Definitely a recommended read if you want something a little different but with a strong Christmas feel to it.

Many thanks to Corvus for sending me a copy for review.


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