Review of The Killing of Mummy’s Boy by Joan Ellis

3 stars.

The book begins with a chance encounter on a train. Sandra, travelling home to the Isle of Wight, loses her Oyster card and phones from the train, stupidly giving her address to anyone that can hear her. In this case the person who hears her happens to be a murderer called Ben. After what is a very unusual conversation she gets off the train and after a ferry journey and bus ride arrives home to discover an Oyster card has been posted through her letterbox, clearly by Ben. Through a few flashbacks we learn that Sandra’s son, Carl, is in a Witness Protection programme after witnessing a murder and giving evidence that got the killer convicted. Naturally Sandra is very worried about her safety and that of her son and as the story progresses various incidences lead her to thinking that Ben is entering her home when she is not there, however the truth turns out to be quite different and when Carl suddenly leaves the Witness Protection programme things take a turn for the worse, and then the shocking truth is finally revealed………

I loved the premise of this book, it sounded quite different from anything I had previously read and being a fan of psychological thrillers I was sure I would enjoy it however, sadly I was disappointed. Although I found the book well-written and the characters well-developed I found the story wanting. There was a lot of repetition in the characters actions which was quite irritating. I spent a large part of the book being annoyed at Sandra’s irrational decisions and not considering something which I felt was glaringly obvious. Ben was a bit erratic at first but actually the best character in the whole story while Carl was just obnoxious and lazy. The pace was reasonable although it picked up in the last 20-30% of the book. There was quite a big surprise around this point too, although I had an inkling of it before this point because of what some characters had said so I found it more of a confirmation than a surprise.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and I found it lacking and not as gripping as I had expected. At the moment I’m undecided as to whether I would read more by this author.

Thanks to Booklover Catlady Publicity for letting me review this book.

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