#BlogTour #Review : One Last Summer by Victoria Connelly. @rararesources @VictoriaDarcy

I am thrilled to be starting off the blog tour for this brilliant book. Many thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me have a spot on the tour and a copy of the book to review. Find out what I thought further down and if you want to check out the other bloggers on the tour the full tour banner is at the bottom of the post.

One Last Summer


They have the whole summer ahead of them. Is it enough to rekindle the friendship they once shared?

Harriet Greenleaf dreams of spending the summer in a beautiful ancient priory on the Somerset coast with her two best friends—but her dream is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a chance to reconnect three lives that have drifted apart; on the other, she has a devastating secret to share that will change everything between them forever.

First to arrive is Audrey—the workaholic who’s heading for a heart attack unless she slows down and makes time for herself. Then Lisa, the happy-go-lucky flirt who’s always struggled to commit to anyone—or anything. Ever the optimist, can Harriet remind them of the joy in their lives and the importance of celebrating good friendship before it’s gone?

Through the highs and lows of a long, glorious summer, these three women will rediscover what it means to be there for each other—before they face the hardest of goodbyes.

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Last-Summer-Victoria-Connelly-ebook/dp/B07G38S71K

US – https://www.amazon.com/One-Last-Summer-Victoria-Connelly-ebook/dp/B07G38S71K

One Last Summer High Res

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. Despite some serious themes in it, it is an easy book to read as it flows seamlessly from one scene to the next.

The characters are all well-written, they have depth and genuine issues which are realistic and I suspect everyone who reads the book will either identify with one character or recognise their traits in someone they know. The priory they stay in sounds gorgeous and cosy and just the sort of peaceful getaway that I think most of us could do with at some point in our lives.

This is the second book I’ve read recently that has got me thinking about the little things, listening to the wind blowing through the trees, the softness of my cats fur, the joy of standing with the sun on my face and many other small things that we take for granted or forget about while we’re rushing around apparently living our lives. How many people, on their daily commute, look out the window and see the patterns in the clouds or the sunrise or set? How many people are rushing about each day just now and missing the spring blossom on the trees? We’re always chasing something that’s just out of reach, ever wonder what would happen if we stopped chasing?

While this is a story of friendship and how deep those bonds can go, it’s also a story of living life, properly appreciating the little things and that it’s never too late to do something new. If the world is getting you down or life is looking a bit duller these days then give this book a try, you might just find yourself looking at things differently once you’ve read it.

About the author:

One Last Summer - Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly studied English literature at Worcester University, got married in a medieval castle in the Yorkshire Dales and now lives in rural Suffolk with her artist husband, a young springer spaniel and a flock of ex-battery hens.

She is the author of two bestselling series, Austen Addicts and The Book Lovers, as well as many other novels and novellas. Her first published novel, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in 2008 by Ziegler Films in Germany. The Runaway Actress was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Romantic Comedy Novel award.

Ms Connelly loves books, films, walking, historic buildings and animals. If she isn’t at her keyboard writing, she can usually be found in her garden, with either a trowel in her hand or a hen on her lap.

Her website is http://www.victoriaconnelly.com, and readers can follow her on Twitter @VictoriaDarcy and on Instagram @VictoriaConnellyAuthor.

Social Media Links –

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312085782631729/

Twitter: @VictoriaDarcy

Instagram: @VictoriaConnellyAuthor

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#Extract #BlogTour : The Stars Now Unclaimed by Drew Williams @DrewWilliamsIRL @harriett_col @simonschusterUK

Today I’m on the blog tour for The Stars Now Unclaimed. I’ve not reviewed this book yet, though I have a copy, but my boyfriend has started reading it and is loving it. Full of space battles and funny moments from what he’s said. He’s also very excited about the next book in the series which is perfect as the extract I have for you today is from that book, A Chain Across The Dawn, which is out in August. Everyone else on the tour has talked about The Stars Now Unclaimed so it seemed fitting that I introduce you to the next book, and show you the fabulous cover for it, as I’m concluding the tour.  Many thanks to Harriett Collins at Simon and Schuster for having me on the blog tour and sending a copy of the first book, which will be reviewed in due course.

The Stars Now Unclaimed Blog Tour Graphic - FINAL


Blurb for A Chain Across The Dawn:

Bigger spaceships. Bigger explosions. Bigger planets.  Bigger problems.

It’s been three years since Esa joined the ranks of the Justified after her rescue from the fanatical murderers the Pax. Together, Esa and her mentor Kamali travel from planet to planet, searching for children with supernatural abilities. It’s hard work, but Esa has never felt more assured of her place in the universe.

On a visit to a planet so remote that its inhabitants never learned that the Sect Wars ended over a hundred years ago, they learn that the Justified are not the only people searching for gifted children. There is a creature with unexpected powers who will stop at nothing to get its hands on the children that Esa and Kamali are trying to rescue.

With their latest recruit in tow — a young Wulf child named Sho — Esa and Kamali will travel halfway across the galaxy in pursuit of answers. But the answers only lead to more questions, and the danger will only increase as their terrifying nemesis turns his eyes on them.

A Chain Across the Dawn Cover Reveal




The air-raid sirens were still screaming, echoing out across the golden sky of Kandriad like some sort of terrifying lament, hollow and vast and loud as all hell. The sound bounced off the concrete and the steel of the long abandoned factory city around us, rolling out over the plains of metal toward the distant horizon still tinged with the faintest blue hints of the dawn.

There shouldn’t have been air-raid sirens on Kandriad. Not because the pulse had repressed the technology for sirens, but because it had repressed the ability for anyone to conduct air raids at all: flight was supposed to be impossible in an atmosphere this choked with pulse radiation.

Except it wasn’t. Jane and I had seen the shadows of the warplanes hurtling over the factory city as we approached by the bridge, dropping bombs and executing amateurish evasive manoeuvers to wheel away from the strafing gunfire of the defenders’ anti-aircraft weaponry. The planes hadn’t exactly been modern spec—prop-driven, combustion-engine relics cobbled together from spare parts—but that didn’t change the fact that they shouldn’t have been able to get into the air at all. Something weird was happening on Kandriad.

Something weird always seemed to happen to Jane and me, but this was
weirder than most.

“So we . . . knock?” I asked, shifting my weight from side to side, staring
up at the massive barred door that was the one and only entrance to the factory city from the south. We hadn’t seen a single native as we made our way down the abandoned railway line toward the factory—they were all hunkered down inside their converted city, being dive-bombed by impossible airplanes. The sect wars might have been forgotten by most of the galaxy post-pulse, but on Kandriad they’d never stopped, the locals locked in the same stupid conflicts that had led to the pulse in the first place. “Or . . . like . . .” I winced as the sirens came around again; I winced every time. I always thought they were finally going to stop as they dopplered away across the distance,
and then . . . nope. Still going.

“We should probably wait until they’re not having the shit bombed out of them,” Jane said mildly, leaning against the railing of the dilapidated bridge and smoking one of her awful cigarettes. Jane wasn’t fidgety. Jane never got fidgety. Taller, leaner, and in significantly better shape than I was, I’d seen her be more collected under sustained gunfire than I usually was making breakfast.

“Do you think that’s likely to happen soon, or . . .” I winced as one of the bombers overshot its target, its payload coming down instead on the empty urban district beside the bridge—otherwise known as beside us. I was holding a telekinetic shield in place over both Jane and myself, and the feeling of the shrapnel from the blast smashing itself to pieces against what was basically a psychic manifestation of my own will was . . . not overly pleasant. Still, the shield held, and even if it hadn’t, our intention shields—hardwired into our nervous systems—would have protected us. Hopefully.

I didn’t particularly want to die on a bombed-out hellhole like Kandriad.

Jane waved her hand—and her cigarette—in front of her face, not so much dispelling the cloud of dust that had risen in the wake of the blast as adding to it with her cigarette smoke. “Doesn’t seem that way,” she said.

“So can we talk about how there are warplanes flying and dropping bombs in a pulse-choked atmosphere?” I asked instead. Since we appeared to be stuck out here, underneath the falling bombs, that seemed a topic of particularly hefty import.

Jane frowned at that. “I don’t know,” she said shortly. I almost grinned—despite the nearly-being-blown-apart thing—just because Jane hated to admit when she didn’t know something, and a part of me was always a little bit thrilled when circumstances forced her to do so anyway.

Still would have traded it for “not huddled just outside a factory door,
hoping not to get bombed,” though.

“But how—”

“Still don’t know, Esa,” she sighed, dropping her cigarette butt to the bridge and grinding it out with her boot heel—though it wasn’t like there find answers standing out here. Go ahead and knock—we’ve got a gifted kid to find.”

“I thought you said we should wait until they weren’t getting bombed.” As if cued by my statement, the air-raid sirens finally cut off, the last hollow howl echoing out over the horizon until it faded into the golden light of the day.

I looked at Jane. She was grinning. I glared at her; that just made her grin some more. She opened her mouth to say something, and I simply held out my hand, forestalling whatever smartassery was about to emerge. “Don’t,” I told her flatly. “Just . . .” I sighed, and reached for the heavy knocker welded to the riveted steel of the door. “I got this.”

I knocked.


In relatively short order, we got a response to our banging. That response was, of course, half a dozen rifles pointed at us from murder holes carved out of the sides of the high wall, but it was a response nonetheless. “Travelers,” Jane said, spreading her hands wide to show that she was unarmed—well, to show that she wasn’t holding a weapon, at least. On a world like Kandriad, nobody went anywhere unarmed, and the rifle butt sticking up from behind Jane’s shoulder would have just seemed like an everyday necessity to the
locals, no different than a farmer carrying a hoe would have been on my homeworld. “Seeking shelter.”

“This city is at war, traveler,” a voice said from one of the murder holes—sounded like a Wulf, which made sense, since the vaguely canid species had made up about a third of this world’s population, before the pulse. “There’s very little shelter to be had here.”

“Very little to be had out there, either.” Jane jerked her thumb behind us, indicating the smoking craters the poorly aimed bombs had blown in the urban “countryside” of what had once been a factory planet.

“How do we know you’re not enemy spies?” the Wulf growled. I mean, Wulf almost always growl, the sound was just what their muzzles were built for, but I detected a distinct note of aggression in the low-pitched rumble of this one’s voice.

“Esa,” Jane prompted me, and I reached into my jacket—slowly, as the rifles were still following my every move—to produce a tightly rolled-up scroll. The parchment was as close to what local conditions would have allowed the natives to create as Schaz had been able to make it; hopefully they wouldn’t ask too many questions about its provenance beyond that, questions we wouldn’t be able to answer given that we’d actually printed it on board a spaceship in orbit, a concept that had receded mostly into myth for the people on Kandriad.

I held the scroll up, where they could see. “Reconnaissance,” Jane told them simply. “Aerial photography of the enemy assaulting your walls from the north. Troop positions, fortifications, artillery emplacements—enough intelligence to turn the tide of the fight.” Neither Jane nor I really gave a damn who won this particular battle, or even this particular war—whatever conflict it had spun off from, the fighting on Kandriad had long since ceased to matter to the galaxy at large, let alone to the doings of the Justified. What we did care about was getting access to the city, and to the gifted child hidden somewhere inside.

“You have planes? Like they do?” The guns were still holding . . . pretty tightly on us.

“Kites,” Jane said simply. “And mirrors.” That was a flat-out lie, but “we took images from our spaceship in low orbit, then smudged them up to look like low-tech aerial reconnaissance” wouldn’t have gone over nearly as well.

A low sound from the Wulf, not that dissimilar to his growl from before; thankfully, our boss back on Sanctum was also a Wulf, and I recognized the sound of a Wulven chuckle when I heard one. “Kites,” the unseen sentry said to himself, almost in wonder. Then: “Open the gate!”

The big metal gates rumbled open; Jane and I stepped along the train tracks, into the interior of the city, where the sentries—Wulf to a one, their rifles still held tightly, though at least not aimed directly at us anymore— watched us closely. Jane handed over the map to their leader, the one who’d spoken. He unrolled it, studied its contents for a moment, then without a word handed it off to one of his subordinates, who promptly took off, presumably for the factory city’s command. “It’s valid, and it’s recent,” the lieutenant acknowledged to us, his ice-blue predator’s eyes still watching us closely, not as friendly as his words. “I recognize shelling from just a few days ago. Intelligence like that will buy you more than just entry here, strangers. Name your price.”

“We’re looking for some intelligence of our own,” Jane replied. “Looking for one of your citizens, actually. A child, younger than my associate here.” She nodded her head toward me; I didn’t know how well the local Wulf population would be at gauging a human’s age, but at seventeen, I guess I did still have a slightly “unfinished” look, as compared to Jane, at least.

“And why do you seek this child?” the lieutenant asked—not a no. Progress.

“He or she will have . . . gifts. Abilities. We seek children with such gifts, and we train them.” All true, for its part. It was simply a question of scale that Jane left out.

“Train them to do what?”

“Whatever is necessary.” That part wasn’t exactly an official piece of the Sanctum syllabus.

The Wulf nodded his head, once. “I know the child you’re looking for,” he said.

Finally, something going our way for once.




Blurb for The Stars Now Unclaimed:

A century ago, a mysterious pulse of energy spread across the universe. Meant to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, it instead destroyed technology indiscriminately, leaving some worlds untouched and throwing others into total chaos.

The Justified, a mysterious group of super-soldiers, have spent a hundred years trying to find a way to restore order to the universe. Their greatest asset is the feared mercenary Kamali, who travels from planet to planet searching for gifted young people and bringing them to the secret world she calls home. Kamali hopes that those she rescues will be able to find a way to reverse the damage the pulse wreaked, and ensure that it never returns.

But Kamali isn’t the only person looking for answers to unimaginable questions. And when her mission to rescue a grumpy teenaged girl named Esa goes off the rails, Kamali suddenly finds herself smack in the centre of an intergalactic war… that she started.











#Review : Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough @SarahPinborough @HarperCollinsUK


When you think you’re safe,

When you think the past is over,

When you think you know someone,

When you think you’ve guessed this twist,

One moment will change three women’s lives forever.




My Review:  This is the first Sarah Pinborough book I’ve read but it won’t be the last. This was one that was chosen by the book group that I’m in and, having heard the author speak at Bloody Scotland in 2018, I was keen to find out what her books were like so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I could not put this book down. I admit I did find one or two parts a little hard to believe but on the whole it was a fabulous read. The author did a brilliant job of portraying the lives of those in and after, abusive and controlling relationships. I cannot fault that at all. There is so much fear after leaving a relationship like that that I understood why Lisa was being overprotective of her daughter but little did I realise that the reasons ran far deeper than that.

This is a story that shows that you really do not know what is going on in someone’s life, however much you think you might. It also shows the dangers of social media and how easy it is for secrets to come out in an instant from something completely innocuous and unexpected.  The characters were brilliantly written, from the teenage Ava to the adults and their relationships, both as friends and work relationships. I spent half of this book wondering if Lisa was safe and hoping she was and the rest of it wondering how the people around her would deal with the secrets that came out and what would happen next. There are flashbacks which help explain a few things and are carefully woven into the story so they enhance rather than hinder it.

I would definitely recommend this book but I would also warn you to make sure you have time when reading it as one you get drawn in you won’t be able to put it down!






#BlogBlitz #Review : The Pelican by M. Naidoo. @rararesources @authormnaidoo

Today I’m sharing my review of The Pelican, a book that is a bit different from my usual reads but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Many thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for having me on the tour and sending me a copy of the book to review.  Also check out the other bloggers on the tour, who can be found at the bottom of this post.

The Pelican


“Because life is about living…”

Julia has never been one to surrender without a fight, but when she receives a devastating diagnosis, she has a decision to make.

Even after thirty years, she can still see her mother slowly fading away with every dose of chemo, every round of radiation, and every lost shred of hope. No, she won’t do it… not to her family… and not to herself!

Without warning, she packs up her belongings and disappears, leaving behind a life that, by all accounts, had been as perfect as they come, and a distraught family full of questions.

Finding peace in a beach house in Northern California turns out to have its complications though. While only a handful of other residents share the tiny beach community, each one has brought their own baggage and developed their own way of dealing with it. All Julia wants is to be left alone, but that simply does not seem to be an option, especially when there’s a persistent bird that declares her to be his new best friend.

Haunted by the shadows of the past, Julia is struggling to cope with the present. Will she have the strength to do this alone and eventually follow through with her plan? Will her family, divided by mixed reactions to being abandoned, come together to try and track her down? And what is the deal with that pelican of hers?

Only time will tell – and time is the one thing Julia does not have…

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For duration of tour – The Pelican will be £1.99 on Amazon UK (and US)


The Pelican cover 525X8 blue[228]

My Review:  As I’ve already stated this is not my usual read but the blurb appealed to me and I could understand the desire that Julia has to escape from family and friends and find peace to deal with her diagnosis and the consequences of it.

Understandably this is not a fast paced book but it moves along at a good speed, it doesn’t drag at all which I liked. The descriptions of Julia, the other characters and the beach she goes to are all really well constructed. You can easily pick up on the emotions behind the words for the characters and hear the ebb and flow of the waves on the beach. The beach came across as a beautifully calming place, somewhere perfect for Julia’s needs but also perfect for anyone who wants some peace, regardless of their reasons for it.

Not everyone is going to agree with Julia’s decision and her reasons for making it and this is addressed through some of the characters in the book, some understand and some don’t and it demonstrates perfectly that everyone has different experiences in their lives and views the world with a different perspective from the person sitting next to them. This book makes you contemplate not only how you view life but also what it means to you and people around you. Regardless of whether you agree with Julia’s decision or not, what the story also does is make you sit and appreciate what you have, even the things we take for granted like the sun shining and birds singing.  Speaking of birds, I really liked the pelican in the story, it was quirky but fitted really well with the story line and gave Julia company even when she didn’t wan’t human company. It added an nice extra layer that gave the story more depth.

I loved this book, it transported me and was also calming at the same time. I found it took me a bit of time to get into it but I think that was because it’s different from my usual reads rather than any fault of the story or writing. Once thing I would say, have tissues handy, especially near the end because you will definitely need them. The ending is perfect, there’s nothing else I need to say about it because it is honestly perfect.

Regardless of whether this is your usual type of book or not I would highly recommend reading this. This is a book that is going to stay with me for some time.


About the author:

The Pelican Author highres


Born and raised in Germany, M.Naidoo lives in Northern California with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs. One of them, Dusty, a spunky terrier mix, found its way into her debut novel.

When she is not in front of her computer, pounding out story lines and characters, she enjoys reading, movies, spending time with her family, and long walks on the beach – her proverbial ‘happy place’. M’s love for the beach and ocean shine through in the vivid descriptions of the coast in The Pelican.

“Juggling my life as a writer and a full-time ‘real’ job has its challenges. I don’t get to spend half as much time as I’d like doing what I love, and there are never enough hours in the day. Still, I feel extremely lucky to be following my passion, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Getting here has been one heck of a ride!”

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#Review : Eighteen Below by Stefan Ahnhem @StefanAhnhem @HoZ_Books

I’m supposed to be trying to resist emails from NetGalley offering books and usually I manage but when this book popped up on Sunday I couldn’t resist, it was just far too tempting. I’ve reviewed it below and hopefully can convey why this book was worth giving into temptation for…….

Untitled design-2


A car speeds through the streets of Helsingborg. When it reaches the harbour, the driver keeps going, straight into the cold, dark sea.

But it is not a suicide. The autopsy reveals that this man has been dead for some time. He was murdered two months ago, and his body has been deep frozen.

As more bodies are discovered, Fabian Risk must hunt a killer with a mission: to preserve his victims, and create the perfect death…




My Review:  As I’ve already said, this book was too tempting to turn down so I downloaded it and spent most of Sunday reading it. It’s part of a series but don’t let that put you off, this is the first book in the series that I’ve read and I followed it just fine. There was enough information about character history to fill in any blanks and the majority of the book is the police investigations which are specific to this book.

There is nothing conventional about this story, even from the beginning it throws information at you and expects you to keep up. It’s a fast-paced thrill of a ride and doesn’t let up, even the slower scenes have their own tension which means the story doesn’t slow down for a second. I was gripped by the first few pages and when I wasn’t able to read the book, I was thinking about it, wondering what would happen next. It doesn’t baby you or give you too much information but gives just enough that you have to join the dots yourself or be left floundering and confused. It’s a cleverly executed story which kept me guessing all the way through.

As I’ve said there are others in the series and those are now high on my to-read list because this storytelling is a level of skill I have rarely seen elsewhere.  While there is not a great amount of time spent on characters back stories there is enough that you care what happens to them and get a good sense of them, even of the more minor characters that are only in for a few pages.  There are a few different threads running through the book and they are skilfully woven around the main one, in the blurb, so that you can see how the threads interconnect and form into a gripping story which will have you questioning what you’re reading.

If you like crime fiction, whether you read a lot of Scandinavian crime or not, then you definitely have to check out this series. This book doesn’t hold back, there’s a lot of death but don’t let that put you off, it’s a fabulous read and definitely worth a try.  I certainly do not regret for one second clicking on that email on Sunday morning and discovering this stunning book!










#BlogTour #Extract : The Peacock Bottle by Angela Rigley @rararesources @angierigley #giveaway

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for The Peacock Bottle. I’ve not reviewed this book but have an extract and a giveaway for you to enjoy. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me take part in this tour. The full list of bloggers on the tour, and those taking part today and tomorrow can be found at the bottom of the post.


The Peacock Bottle


In this Victorian dual timeline novel, Amelia Wise feels a jolt when she finds a blue perfume bottle in the overgrown garden of the house she has inherited. Several events in her life mirrors those from the past and, with the help of her newfound cousin, Olivia, the bottle’s secret is uncovered.

Purchase Links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Peacock-Bottle-Angela-Rigley-ebook/dp/B073NT79W2

US – https://www.amazon.com/Peacock-Bottle-Angela-Rigley-ebook/dp/B073NT79W2

The Peacock Bottle Cover


Amelia has managed to make a start on the overgrown garden of the house she has inherited, but is surprised when she hears a voice.

In the hope that he would go away, she hid behind a green leafy bush, but his tousled head appeared. “What you doing?”

She plucked a leaf off her dress and came out of her hidey-hole. “Who are you?”

“Garnet Greyson at your service, ma’am.” He bent his arm and performed the lowest bow she had ever seen.

“How did you gain access to my garden?”

He looked around at the mess of tangles. “You call this a garden?”

“I meant…” annoyed at his denigration of her handiwork, she pointed across the sprawling lawn, “that garden up there. It belongs to me. You have no authorization to enter it.”

“Oh, I often come here. My pa used to be the gardener in the old days.”

“Well, I haven’t seen you before. But that is not the point. Even if your father were the king of England, which of course he can’t be, because we don’t have a king, only a queen, you would still need my permission.”

Ignoring her outburst, the boy cocked his head to one side. “What’s your name?”

“Miss Amelia Wise. Now, please leave.”

“You don’t really want me to, do you? My ma says you must be lonely here with only your mother for company.”

Hands on hips, she defied him. “Actually, she’s my stepmother, but we have servants. We are not lonely at all.”

“Same thing. My ma’s my second stepmother. I lost my own ma when I was a baby and my pa married again, but that ma died last year and now I have another.”

Amelia sympathised with the boy. “How sad. My father died not long ago. In a fire.” Before she knew it, tears welled in her eyes and overflowed down her cheeks. The boy put out a hand as if to comfort her, but she turned away, embarrassed at breaking down in front of him.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, Miss Amelia. I’m sorry.”

She sniffed and felt in her pocket for a handkerchief, but remembered she had been unable to find one that morning. A hand appeared around her side, holding a white one. Accepting it would mean she was beholden to the boy, but when needs must… She wiped away the tears and blew her nose, keeping hold of it in case she needed it again. “Thank you.”


Giveaway to Win 2 x Paperback copes of The Peacock Bottle (UK Only)

*Terms and Conditions –UK entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About the author:

The Peacock Bottle Author Pic

Married to Don, I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren, I live in Derbyshire, England, and enjoy researching my family tree (having found ancestors as far back as 1465), reading, gardening, playing Scrabble, meals out and family gatherings. I am the treasurer of my writing club, Eastwood Writers’ Group, and I also write and record Thoughts for the Day for Radio Nottingham. At church I sing in the choir and am an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a reader, a flower arranger and a member of the fundraising team for Cafod, my favourite charity. I have written hymns, although I cannot read music.

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#BlogTour #Review : Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Cursed Serpent by Columbkill Noonan @ColumbkillNoon1 @rararesources

Today I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour for this book. Huge thanks to the author and Rachel’s Random Resources for sending me a copy of the book to review.


“For Queen, for Country, and for….Uncle Rabbit?”

Just when Barnabas and Wilfred thought the world was safe at last, along comes a new threat: the Mayan Lords of Death have hatched a plan to overthrow the natural order of things, involving a cursed serpent god, two untrustworthy sets of twins, and a dead bunny that must be resuscitated at all costs. Only Barnabas and Wilfred can possibly unravel the convoluted plot, but they face danger after danger as they attempt to do so. If they fail, up will be down and down will be up, and the evil Lords of Death will take over the heavens.

Do Barnabas and Wilfred have the courage, skill (and luck!) to save the world yet again?

Purchase Links

US – https://www.amazon.com/Barnabas-Tew-Case-Cursed-Serpent-ebook/dp/B07N7KXX4T

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barnabas-Tew-Case-Cursed-Serpent-ebook/dp/B07N7KXX4T

My Review: I first met Barnabas and Wilfred in the first book where they were dealing with Egyptian gods. As I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt I took a chance on the book and I’m really glad I did so, when this book came along I knew I couldn’t refuse. Barnabas and Wilfred are the most unlikely heroes but are absolutely brilliant. I love their quirkiness and the way they respond to some incredibly unusual situations.

This book is a fabulous romp which takes them and you to all sorts of unusual and unique places. The writing is great and quirky and Ive grown to love it. The book works well as a stand alone as there are little references to previous books to aid understanding. The descriptions are excellent too, while I can easily say I have never visited the places in the book I definitely felt as if I was there when I was reading.

If you want a brilliant and different read then this series is definitely worth a look. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the next adventure is for Barnabas and Wilfred.

About the author:

Columbkill Noonan is the author of the bestselling “Barnabas Tew” series, which features the bumbling-yet-lovable Victorian detective Barnabas and his trusty sidekick, Wilfred. Columbkill combines her love of mythology and her affinity for period fiction to craft unique cozy mysteries that will leave you guessing (and chuckling!) till the very end.

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